Moving to Brussels to work at GSK near Wavre

Hi Everyone,

I would really appreciate some advice I am going to be moving to Brussels in around 2 weeks to work for Glaxo Smithkline in the Wavre area.

i  could use advice on areas to stay, I would prefer something quite centrally located, safe. Also what my commute would be like as initially I will be relying on public transport.

Many thanks,

I think you better stay at Wavre itself for the initial phase. Every area in Belgium is self sufficient and almost everywhere is generally safe. So you will find restaurants, super market etc and may not need to be in Brussels. Probably choose your apartment not in the ground floor to be more safe. Later on once you have your car you can decide where to move. Otherwise using public transport you would need minimum 1hr from anywhere (Brussels or Waterloo) to go to Wavre.

Thank you Saad.

I am most likely going to start off in shared accommodation around Ixelles, the commute time is around 1.20hr via public transport. I would much rather stay quite central.

I am using a site called to find temporary accommodation for around a month while I try and find an apartment., Is this a reputable site or do you have any other suggestions?

Do you also have any other suggestions in looking for apartments and shared accommodation?

Thank you!

Hi, is to limited as choice. Use and/or

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