Apartment size for a family of 3

Me, my husband and 10 year old daughter are moving to Brussels in April, just wanted to know if single bedroom apartment is ok for lease for 3 people or do I need to mandatorily take 2 bedroom, I translated the policy document in French couldn't get a straight answer


Two rooms are mandatory.

Hi, thanks for the reply, I just got confused reading the document which mentions room size like min 9 sqm for a child, I thought if I take a 90sqm house/ apartment even with single bedroom it is enough

Now I'm clear thanks to your clarification, I will look for two bedroom only

The thing is that your child is more than 1 year old, so he must have its own room.
If you have another child, they can sleep together in the same room if the area is more than 6m².
If you have a boy and a girl, they must be separate at 10 years old, if same sex, they can sleep in the same room.

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