Moving to Switzerland from the United Kingdom


Recently I have taken an interest in moving elsewhere to live. Now even though I haven't made my decision to which country to live, Switzerland is high on the list.

My main motivation for wanting to leave London, UK is the cost of the house prices, expensive commute and the difficulty of actually saving money.

Therefore my question centers around the salaries, tax, house prices in Switzerland. I haven't made any decision on the city itself yet.

What is the taxes and salaries like in Switzerland? I would prefer moving to a place with the highest salaries and lowest taxes where saving potential is greatest. Ofcourse the cost of living is important too. I don't want to move to Switzerland for it to become another London where moneywise nothing has changed because the cost of living is higher.

That said I am open to suggestions if you know of any other countries with a high salary to low tax rate with good cost of living.

I work as a software engineer.

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Hi Mike and welcome to the Forum. :)

The Numbeo website offers information that will help you with your questions; this link will take you there.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team


Switzerland usually offers a great quality of life.

However, the cost of life is VERY high and real estate is London tier price (especially in Geneva and Zurich).

Taxes may also be very high (contrary to a popular belief), especially in the French speaking area.

What saves Switzerland is its very high salaries but that means you will really have to find a good position in order to really be able to have a better quality of Life.