Minimum salary for full time skill workers

Hi All

My name is Ali from Iran and I'm planing to move to the Netherlands. I have a job offer from a Dutch company. I'm wondering to know is there a minimum salary for a full time skilled worker in Dutch rules? If there is, how much is it?

Hi Ali and welcome to the Forum.

There is a minimum wage in Holland; this link will take you to the website that contains the information.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much Cynic

Hi Ali,

Sorry for jumping in. I wonder if your company is seeking for another global talent to work in the netherlands as well? i have been looking for a jobs there these pas few months, i also have a schedule flight in less than 2 weeks but i'll come with a tourist visa.. so there wont be any chance for me to seek an employement. i'm thinking to rescheduled it (again) to any month next year.. will be better if i go that time for relocating.

Thank you so much.. hope there's a way

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