Dating and hook ups

I think this is long overdue.

Can anyone recommend dating and hookup sites or apps that are popular in Bahrain?  I think there are a lot of people who are looking for people  they can meet face to face.

And as much as people here try, most of us are more interested in exchanging information and ideas so  information on those sites and apps might help a few people.


Tinder? Tagged? Badoo? Or we could just connect on here....

any specific hookup for Bahrain????

Champ, you got to find your own way... These are only signposts for you to follow... Am sure there are plenty more but do you really expect to be spoon fed all the way???

Arrrr captain, we seem to bump  into  each other a lot lol.

When I first got here I joined a group advertised on this site for people who liked board games and made a few good friends very quickly.

Do we? lol... Once is serendipity, the second coincidence... and the third? Do you want to hazard a guess?

No, not really

Whew! I wasn't sure what the 3rd is either...

Lol, and I just got a message from a person whose username is ****. As smooth as a hedgehog

Lindochka1 wrote:

Lol, and I just got a message from a person whose username is ****. As smooth as a hedgehog

LOL, a **** hedghog , that would be cute to raise as a pet  :lol::lol:

Lindochka1 wrote:

Lol, and I just got a message from a person whose username is ****. As smooth as a hedgehog

If it's spam or a sex pest please report the PM and he'll be banned..... unless you like him.

Eww no thank you.
@ m  I have no intention of 'raising' a hedgehog, thank you.

Better to report the PM.

Lindochka1 wrote:

Lol, and I just got a message from a person whose username is ****. As smooth as a hedgehog

:lol: there you go..good start ha :P

If you like to grow your network in Bahrain, you may join and we've at least two gatherings monthly other than small gatherings for common interest groups.

Meet ups are a good idea

Lindochka1 wrote:

Meet ups are a good idea

meetups are amazing , especially for coffee

InterNations run regular events. Events attendees are friendly, diverse and easy to talk to.

This idea sounds good ... an eventual meet up plan for making good positive minded people friends ;)
Hope some thing comes out from here :)

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looking for meet up since 2 years  :rolleyes:

I came to Bahrain couple of months back. Since everyone in office is working from home,  and my project team is mostly in UAE, I haven't been really able to connect with anyone here. Also, COVID restrictions have kind of limited nightlife activities so any suggestions for making friends or find a date in current situation? I am also trying Tinder for the first time but it seems to be taken over by working ladies ...

That will help many forced to stay single

I haven't tried tinder out here yet but someone already said it seems to be loaded with working girls 🙄 I can imagine with restaurants closing dining rooms it will be hard to do much since mostly everything that's open is just shopping and grocery stores. I ride a bike and walk my dog a bit so if anyone is in Juffair that wants to just hang out, I'm always around.

I'm also new here in Juffair just moved in and looking to meet new people and make new friends 😁

If you are looking for just friends. Do let me know, we can catch up maybe.

Im looking for someone too :p

Been here for for the last two years,I have found it hard to make friends who are like minded,most men I have met on tagged and tinder are hookers and some want to pay for sex.As a Kenyan lady my wish is to find foreign ladies and gentlemen  just for friendship.

Hello julzbee, I came to manama, Bahrain a month before and looking for someone for a real friendship till now. Tried some apps but all of them need money and don't know value of friendship. May be we can talk open to understand each other. Dm me in insta ***.

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Anonymous 777 am seeing your comment a month later loool

Hi can we meet  today send your WhatsApp number

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