Alcohol in Bahrain?


I'm moving to Bahrain soon and I was told that we aren't allowed to ship alcohol. I enjoy wine, and I have a collection of wine that I'd like to bring with me. I know that Bahrain is not a dry country, so I'm wondering if this is a regulation from our shipping company, or Bahrain.

Does anyone know the regulations on 1) posessing/consuming alcohol or 2) shipping alcohol?



I believe you can but its going to cost you as you will need to pay duty on it - am sure I read 125%! . And you will need to be present for them to inspect it

You are probably better to speak to your shipping company or Bahrani Customs direct.

You can't ship liquids to Bahrain of any sort without difficulty. It is best to leave the booze at home and buy again here. There are 3 alcohol warehouses in Bahrain who not only have a great selection but do free delivery. There are also numerous expat clubs where you can enjoy  the feel of your home country and drink yourself stupid if you wish. Prices are not expensive for alcohol either.