Loan to a Friend

Hi Friends,

I would like to have your suggestions and guidance for one of my office colleague. Sorry my post might be a big one to read.

My office colleague had given 500 BHD loan to an expat living in his building. The guy had asked money for some emergency situation in his family. He returned around 80 BHD to my colleague after 4-5 months and said he will soon return the remaining amount as well. However after that whenever my colleague asked the guy for his money, he used to say he will return the money in 2-3 months citing some or the other financial issues in his life.

My colleague being a good hearted human being didn't force him much. This went till almost 2 years and suddenly one day my colleague came to know that the guy left his flat and shifted to some other area. the guy didn't even  tell any of the neighbors. However my colleague found his number some how  and asked him for the money as my colleague himself has some important financial requirements now. The guy replied the same old story of returning the money in 1-2 months but my colleague asked for a one fixed date which he agreed  but on the said date he didn't pick up his call. Now when he picked up the call from another number, my colleague informed him that he will go to police after one week if he didn't return his money.

Now when my colleague went to police they noted his complain however they called him he said he doesn't owe him any money. Now whenever my friend calls him he says he doesn't pickup the call or says that he can't lend money to my colleague as if my colleague is asking loan from him.

The police also didn't help at all, they are asking the guy's car number which my colleague doesn't remember. Also the guy works as illegal taxi driver and rents the car from different agencies and keeps changing it frequently so my colleague knows the car number will not help police. All the money given by my colleague was in case so doesn't have any proof of giving him the cash.

Did anybody face such situation? What do you recommend , what should my colleague do now?

Now Its not just the money, my colleague wants some how the truth to come out.

I don't see what he can do in absence of any proof. 

All the police will do is call the guy, which they did, and when he denies, the whole matter will come to a halt.

He can't even approach the courts to file a case as he doesn't have any evidence of having lent the money.

You can try to consult with a lawyer to see what your options are but my suspicion is that the lawyer will tell you the same.

Thanks XTang for your Response.

Hi Friends,

Just a correction, to my question. He is not working as illegal taxi driver but has some printing related business or service. I know this may not be a concern for your answers, but just wanted to update.

Irrespective of what the guy does, the issue is proof of lending.

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