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Greetings to all people living in Bahrain . To be honest Bahrain is a pearl , that shines among other countries  :heart:

Bahrain Independence Day was on 16 December 1971, declaring independence from the British following a UN survey of the Bahraini population. The British announced the withdrawal of their troops east of Suez in the early 1960s.


Bahrain formally declared its independence on 15 August 1971, marked by the signing of a friendship treaty with the British that terminated previous agreements between the two sides.


Although 15 August is the actual date on which Bahrain gained its independence from the British, the state does not celebrate or mark that date. Instead, the state annually celebrates 16 December as "National Day" to coincide with the day that former ruler Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa was coronated to the throne. As such, 16 December is a national holiday and is usually celebrated with firework displays.

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