high EWA Bills


Anybody else face high EWA bills from past few months??

Ours is a 3BHK, with 4 AC's (used only at nights, days we are at work, holidays we are out of house always), Ironing - very moderately used, normal usage phone/laptop chargers, and washing machine for about 6 hours a week

Our monthly EWA from past 3 weeks shoots upto 100 to 140BHD. While earlier it used to be 40 - 50BHD max even in summers.

Anybody else facing such things?
Also, anybody know the charges for per unit consumed?


Yes Its same for me. Earlier it used to be 40 BHD max and now its going over 80 BHD.  :|

Yes the bills are higher.

One reason is that the final removal of the subsidy took place in March of 2019.  If you remember, this started in 2017 and was planned to be done over three years.  This means that even for the same consumption, the bills will be higher each year.   Now water is a flat 0.750 fils per unit of consumption and electricity 0.029.  Add onto that administrative charges of 2 BD and any housing / municipality fee (10% of rental value).   All of this is clearly written on your bill.

What you need to do is to note down the meter reading on the electricity and water meters.  As sometimes, those are estimates in bill if they don't come to take an actual reading.

I live in Riffa views in a 4 bedroom villa with garden and I paid a bill of 441 this month - and that after watching consumption / turning off ACs etc.  And I consider myself lucky as people have been paying 600-800.

Yes, i have noticed the price hikes since april.
I have gone through the pricing structures mentioned in the EWA website.

I guess as you said,  i should start monitoring the meter readings from now on. First of all the salary is low, and EWA taking nearly quarter of the salary makes no sense!!

whoa!! 441BHD is a huge!!
And i thought, cost of living in bahrain is economic!!

veeraj.john :

whoa!! 441BHD is a huge!!
And i thought, cost of living in bahrain is economic!!

Not anymore.  This is why, a lot of people, are moving out of villas into apartments now.  RV occupancy has taken a nose dive.

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