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Please i am new here in Mauritius as student, But i have a dream to be a football Coach one day. Where can i get good football club with good Coach who i can be learning from while studying and also play along with  for leisure. i am really interested in  football coaching and i need to start from a point . Nothing is impossible where there is passion. If there are persons who can join me in forming a football team, both locals and foreigners are much welcome . Come let us affect our world with our talents.  If you have contacts or suggestions as to where to start from please share. Thank you

Have you contacted the Mauritius Football Association as they might have some contacts you could use

i have not reason being that as a foreigner i do not know how the association will welcome the idea but if truly it will be a head way for me it will be a very nice one. if information as per how to get to the association will be appreciated. Thanks

They are in the Trianon area

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