Egyptian man marry woman in the US.

My question is....I have a boyfriend from Cairo Egypt. He's married. I'm a US citizen living in the US. I'm married but will divorce. We want to go for the fiance' visa. He wants to come to the US to marry me.

My question is he's Muslim and can have up to 4 wives. He says he has to remain married when he comes to the US.

The K-1 visa states both parties must be free to marry. Will he have to divorce his wife to be legally free to marry me here in the US? Or being he can have more than one wife can he remain married and come to the US and marry me? Please help.

I don't think do but you have to go to egyptian embassy in the US or a lawyer there to get the right info .
On the other hand,he can do it in Egypt
Just an advice be careful


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I agree with lolitta2017 that you need to be very careful. Please read the stories of those who accepted to marry an already married man. The forum here is full of  discussions of many ladies who had a lot of challenges and problems.

Best contact the relevant authorities in USA for information and advice.
Are you sure he is not using you as a way to get into USA.

If you start the paperwork and give false or misleading information this will cause you problems and he will not get into USA.

Do not even think about going to Egypt to marry him.

He can marry more than one at same time, it legal.

Hi hon,
I actually know this answer with 100% certainty, for one because I WAS an young American woman (in the process of a very contentious and complicated divorce) and I married my husband, an Egyptian, from Cairo (although he was unmarried) and also bc my husband is an attorney of family and immigration law. If you marry him IN Cairo (or egypt at all for that matter, it CAN in fact be legally done-although I would caution you against hastily marrying a man as a second wife particularly due to the fact that he is in a pre-marital "dating" relationship and as an American it is hard to be fully aware of the challenges this dynamic may present to you upon living with him. What are his plans with his current wife? He plans to reside with both of you? Which country do you plan to make your home?) In any case I'm not trying to preach just trying to give you a heads up as I am Palestinian American (my parents received asylum while my mom was pregnant with me- and although it is technically legal, multiple wives is not widely practiced and isn't typically a truly happy and healthy marriage behind closed doors, just sayin.) IF you are planning to seek the K-1, he must be single and unmarried (therefore eligible to marry in the USA, since polygamy is NOT legal or permissable here) and you must be planning to make USA you permanent place of residence (as much documentation re: your relationship, current financial/employment/housing status etc. Is re required, you have to have met at least once within the last 12 months (it may be 24 so dnt quote me on this part as it differs wth diff visas and has recently been updated), and of course, under the K-1 he would not be automatically eligible to work in the USA (in fact he would be UNABLE to under the k-1 and only after marriage can he go about applying for permanent residency and the benefit of working privileges and a SSN that PR provides. Which means you have to show income and support abilities for yourself as well as him and any dependents for the K-1 as well as PR reviews/investigations anf that duration can be a significant amount of time just FYI. (What the government deems "adequate support and what you can actually support him and yourself on are two entirely different numbers as well, they determine the amount you must make and a cosigner can be required regardless at the discretion of th US state Dept.) Also if you marry in the USA it is NOT also legally recognized in Egypt, you must marry separately with the Imam [at] the ministry of Justice in Cairo in a normal islamic process (assuming he is Muslim, whether you are or not doesn't affect anything in that regard). You must be legally divorced for at least 90 days prior to be being eligible to remarry in egypt per their requirements, and must also (this next step is KEY, and is relatively new change to the previous proceduee and directly affected us so since we were advised incorrectly and know per the ministry of Justice we were far from the only ones, I'd hate to have you have the same headache and inconvenience so take note as either way, I am assuming you will Want your marriage legal in egypt and will thus have to undertake this process sooner or later). You must send a original notarozed copy of your divorce decree to the Egyptian embassy location (IN THE USA!! CANNOT BE DONE IN EGYPT!! This is the kicker) assigned to your state of residence (this can be located online they have a list of locations and which one you would use for correspondence) and a letter requesting that the documents be certified/stamped and explain the nature of the request, you must also include a envelope with postage paid for them to return the documents to you and your phone number and email address on the cover letter as you will receive a call from an embassy employee with the cost to complete (mine was $25, I overnighted a money order to them and had them overnight the documents back, as they can't accept card and unfortunately there isn't a means of verifying the cost prior-this is something you will grow accustomed to dealing with egypt and the workflows there (Its just a diff culture, alot of Americans find it annoying but I am rather used to it being from a middle eastern family and having most of my family there). In any case, I hope that makes it a bit more clear, the main question  that one would need to knoe is where and how you plan to reside? I.e. USA or egypt and whether he intends to remain married to his current spouse and what the post marriage living arrangement would be if she were to be included in the picture. Inshallah all works out for you if I can give you any further help or answers im happy to

You both can not be married, in his country it is okay but it is not okay in the united states. he will have to divorce and show that paperwork to the US embassy with a seal stating he is no longer married or was not married ever! I went through this whole process in 2016! Once your married then you will gather a lot of information to submit to the US immigration, the approval process time is 8 to 10 months! Good luck because he will not work or help you with any of this and its a lot of work and very stressful to handle!

in Egypt it is legal but not in the united states, here you can only be married to one person! so if he wants to come here under a fiancé visa he can not be married

No he cannot remain married he has to divorce first

Why would he want to remain married if he loves you? Be careful please.

My situation is similar, my Egyptian  fiancé  Is married, his wife in Egypt, and he lives and works in Saudi. I have never maintained a relation with him because I was uncomfortable that he is still legally married.  So we have not ever gotten together, however now I am single and I do want to remarry and I think he is a good man but I am still uneasy at the fact that he never divorced. He swears it’s because the divorce will cost him a lot of money and that it would be a waste if I don’t actually marry him and he did the divorce and spend all of his money.  He and I are about the same age, we both have children from our previous marriage. However I am divorced. He and I are both educated, his parents are deceased, so there’s not a family issue that I know of. Does it seem legitimate then he needs to wait on divorce From his Egyptian wife until I am there and agree to legally marry him.?  He said he’s afraid if I change my mind and I don’t marry him and he has already divorced then he loses everything. I think he means he will lose his money to his ex-wife and then he will lose me as part of the future.   I feel like I can trust him, but there is a part of me that holds back because even though he does not live with his wife he is not legally divorced. He would like me to travel to him in January and marry him there, and from there he would like to come back to the United States with me and work and live here.  He has also done business in Turkey and he said he is open to moving to Turkey it doesn’t have to be in the United States. I have also lived in Turkey and work there so it would be a comparable place to live.   However I am reluctantly preferring to stay in the United States for now because it’s better education wise for my daughter.   So for this reason I really don’t think it’s an issue that he just wants to come to America as he is willing to live with me and turkey as well he just doesn’t feel he will make any money in Egypt.  He has told me we can live in Saudi where he works but I do not prefer to live in Saudi Arabia. Does anyone have any opinion about this?  Sorry, did not realize how long I was going on  😃

I heard it is a little difficult to divorce in Egypt and he probably does have to pay her some type of amount of money that he agreed too when they got married, however if he loved you then he will do what he has to do! Good luck, plus if he wants to move to the us with you as his fiancé he can not be married.

Dear friend
According to what you wrote ,I can give you some information
1-divorce in Egypt is like in states husband should pay money to divorced wife according to what written in their marriage Islamic contract (usual marriage in all Arabic and Muslim countries ) plus pay for house for kids if have and their expenses in education and monthly expenses for food or clothes ,etc
2-otherwise that it’s Normal to get divorce
3- regarding where you will live , it depends on your both needs and comfortability
3-The most important one (if his wife will be informed about your marriage or not !!?), because by law in Egypt she should be informed and then her choice to accept that or ask for divorce ( as per ismalic rule he can have 4 wife’s at same time in certain conditions )
4-I advice you to have more information about him in Egypt just to be sure that all he tells you is truth and nothing hidden and avoid any surprises
Good luck

whatever happened to this dude?

according to american law and rules for visa , he should prove that he is single .... so he has to divorce his wife ............   he can't marry you in US while he has a wife in other place on this planet .

as an advice , be careful .... don't take things faster than it should be

Hey everybody! I've been out of Egypt for 8 mos --yes :sosad:  missing it so much! I did get married and lived w/ my husband in Cairo for three years to establish why I'm commenting here. Now we're in the US and we went through the whole process (huge pain) but alhamdullilah we did it. As a side note polygamy did not apply to us.

Anyway, for anyone asking, polygamy i.e. being married to more than 1 person is 100% not allowed in the marriage visa process for the US. Some Egyptian dudes have even been required to prove they are not married to anyone else during the visa process by supplying a family certificate from the Egyptian government. 

You are asked about this multiple times during the process and if you say yes it will disqualify you. If you lie and they find out..also bad! If you want to live with a man that has other wives you're better off immigrating to him in the Middle East where it's legal.

Good luck whatever you decide!

Why would u people want to marry married guys ,that's so weird

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