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Hello everybody,
I just came to Morocco to live. I am considering to rent apartment in Tanger or Agadir. Can you please give me advice where to go, how hard is to find apartment, what to avoid.. Thank you all. Lina

I think both Tangier and Agadir are good places to spend the summer ... but since September I advise u to rent an appartment in Agadir as here we have really a lot of events to enjoy more than Tangier . and about renting an appartment you only need to ask help from someone who speaks both English and Moroccan dialect to make sure that he is not a liar so that you dont waste your money for free as many men here are liars and will only play while asking for the price .
feel free to ask me whatever you need in private !

Hello, thank you a lot for a help. I want to live here so I want to rent longterm. Where are you from? :) Lina

unfortunately, Can't help, i live in Marrakech, but yeah, you must find some moroccan to help you, if you start looking alone they would rent it for you with a very expensive price (that's how moroccans deal with foreigners), so find someone to help you to rent it with a lower price and be careful in finding that (someone) as well .

zakaria .

Hello Zakaria thank you very much. Yes, I will stay in Agadir where I have friends now. So I am decided. ;)

Glad to hear so, good luck :) .


hey Lina ,
I ve just read your post .. so Im from the region of Agadir but since September I'll live again in Agadir city for studies .. How long are u now in Agadir ?

Hey Lina2017!
How to rent apartments, offices, or villas etc.?

Usually people work with a "samsar" (like a real estate agent) who helps find you the place you want to rent.

They usually can be found in their offices, cafes, or by word of mouth.

I'd like to highly recommend Benamour Immobilier (aka: Toufik) to you!

Like other agents, he can help:

1) find a location specific to your wants and needs
2) mediate and negotiate with the owner/renter on your behalf
3) walk you through the paperwork process to legally obtain your rental contract

Here are some normal things to expect:

1) most owners want 2-3 months of rent in advance along with a security deposit for water and electricity (usually around $100 US depending on the type of place being rented)
2) you will also pay about one month's worth of rent as payment to the "samsar" for his services rendered to you
3) you will have to specify how long you want your contract to be (ex: 1 year or 2 years etc.)
4) usually you can pay each month's rent in cash or through bank transfer

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