What to bring from USA

We're moving to Belgium in about a week. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on stuff I might want to bring in my check in that is hard to find or expensive there. Just little things like peanut butter. Thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!

The only thing I noticed in making to move from the US to Europe was the food tastes different, steaks are small and they drive funny cars.

I used to convert the price of everything I bought into dollars; silly of me, but it took years to get out of the habit and accept that I'd moved on and it didn't really matter.

Best of luck in your journey. :)

Cynic- do you know if you can find chili powder/seasoning (for tacos, chili, etc)?

Yeah - at least you can in Holland.  I'd be amazed if you couldn't in Belgium.

Angela, I find most if not all my spices in the Carrefour.  I just bought chilli powder seasoning last week.  They even have Old El Paso items.

Perfect! My husband said they only have creamy peanut butter, not chunky. Is that still the case?

No, they have both sorts - blue top is smooth (fijn), red top is chunky (grof) - brackets is what it says in Dutch; pretty much as I remember it from the US).

Oh no, they have the chunky too.  I buy my peanut butter from the Bio-Planet and it's good and chunky; good German quality.  I believe Carrefour sells the chunky too.  I know they sell the smooth.  You should have no problem finding what you want in regards to peanut butter.   Carrefour, Spar......check those two supermarkets out.

Thanks! My son will be happy!!

Peanut butter is pretty much a staple in my home.   :)  There are very few things that I can't find here that I was able to find in the states.  I do miss good fried chicken.   :(  You can also check out a Bio-Planet in Brussels or in the surrounding areas of Brussels.  I buy a brand called "Monki".  Delish!  Thick and chunky.

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