Belgium integration course questions


Can you please tell what type of questions are asked in Belgium integration course exam?

PS: I am already in Belgium from 5 years but did not take the integration course. Now I want to do it so Dutch integration agency suggested me to take the integration exam first and if I cannot clear then they can enrol for the course.

@RSBel Hi, you can read about the questions that were there 3 years ago here … ion_exam/. And there is a list of things that you need to know here

@RSBel I passed the test today. It is extremely easy. Just some general questions like whether homos are allowed to marry, what can you do to reduce energy consumption, where to find info about public transport tickets, if you can choose internet provider, etc.

It's a multiple choice question test and the correct answer is usually obvious.

@lady_lis I would just like to ask, the exam is in English right?

@bazhamba you can give exam yes In English