English guy looking for friends & a room or apartment in Paris.


I'm moving to Paris in April to start work as an engineer at CDG airport. I am looking for a room share or an apartment in Paris or near the airport. I would prefer to be close to a train station so I could travel into Paris easily if I don't live there.

I'm 29 and from England. I'm easy going and enjoy music and sports. I've been living in Italy for 6 months and learning Italian but now i will have to start learning French too!

It would be great to meet new people and rebuild social life! And if anyone has an apartment or room available please let me know.



Hi Adam how are you.My name is Rajshekar and i am from India.I am moving to Paris In August ending for my MBA.
I am also looking for room share or flatmate. If you are interested let me know.

have a nice day,

Hi Rajshekar Reddy,

This thread has been created in 2011 and it is extremely unlikely  that adamthompson98 would be interested with your proposal.

I'd invite you to post a free ad in the Flat share in Paris section to increase  your chances of finding what you're looking for.


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