Anyone have to move back home?

Long story, but because the US economy is so bad I had to move home. My nice American satellite job in France is gone and now I'm back home unpacking. I was really crushed when I heard the news. Anyone else having a tough time because of the economy or have to move back to the US? I don't have to money or connections to go back to France yet, but I would love to someday. Anyway, right now I'm looking for another job. Stop by my blog, hopefully that can give me a enough in ad revenue to keep me going for another month.

I have the opposite problem- but a somewhat good problem. I'll likely lose my US job and there are few jobs where I live (I'm a US citizen). Since there are no jobs here, I'm thinking about using my savings to live in Paris for a few months. Maybe the economy will improve before I return. Any advice? I'll go to your blog. What do you mean ad revenue? You get paid for having a blog? Please, please tell me how that works.

The bloggosphere is awash with personal blogs, so if they make any advertising revenue it's usually no more than a few cents a month through something like GoogleAds. There are exceptions, but they are usually organised pro affairs and/or contain content that the likes of you and I may not have a great deal of experience of ;)

Sorry to hear your news melbel, it's not much consolation but I imagine we've not seen the worst yet - it'll be a while before business stops thinking in terms of contraction and cost-cutting. There'll be plenty of people in the same boat ...