Looking for roomate/permanent accomodation in Paris!

Hey guys I am Kate! I'm a 23 years old dancer  and I recently moved to Paris because i adore this city and the opportunities it gives to dancers, the level is incredible...I am currently living in a friend's house but I am looking for a permanent accomodation in Paris..but as we know it's not really affordable...so if anyone is looking for a room mate to share an apartment with, please lemme know! :)...I love meeting new people, love arts and travelling...I used to live in Germany and Greece...:)
So...if someone wants to contact me please do add me either on facebook under the name Kate Ivanova or email me at
thanx in advance....

Hi  Kate,

welcome to Expat.com!

Your topic has been moved on the Paris english speaking forum. I invite you to post an advert in the Paris housing section as well.

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Hello there!

I am Callaway, I am 21 year old from the USA, I just moved to Paris and I am also looking for permanent accommodations.

Contact me if you are still looking! Or if you have any tips for me!


Hello Callaway -> Do not hesitate to post an advert in the Housing in Paris section. ;)

Thank you,

hi, im move in paris. looking for a room mate. if u have any suggestion plz replay to me.

hi haw r you ?? nice to meet you


hi, can i get their address. i need a room urgently


thanks a lot for your kind information

Where in Paris...?