Financial relocation help

During the upcoming days my wife and I will be relocating to Paris from Honduras Central America. We are seriously looking into how we can transfer our personal savings into a bank that can represent our families savings. Is it possible for you to recommend how best to do this? Should we bring a Certified Check? Can we open an account now?
Looking forward to your advice and guidance.

Otto N.

By transfer ?

Yes it would be nice to transfer the funds, just how should we do this? we don't currently have an account in Paris and would need one in order to transfer the funds from one bank to another. Or do you see a different way of transferring the funds?

When you relocate to Paris, you must open a bank account. If the procedure didn't change since my opening of an account 8 years ago, it's the easiest and quickest things to do. Now, with the crisis, who knows ?
You can add another account (the RIB actually: the number) where you can transfer and it's ready in one week... Now, I wonder if you can do that by the Internet ?

If you open an account with HSBC in your country then its easy to open up other HSBC accounts worldwide as they are everywhere and even easier to transfer funds between countries. Most other banks are a nightmare to deal with - but HSBC has a global worldwide PREMIER service through which if you have more than the equivalent of 50,000 euros in your savings then you get very top level service and a dedicated financial manager for free wherever you go.

Hi Otto,

Opening a HSBC account would be the best idea as you would have low fee's for transfers as well if you need to send money back home as well. I can put you intouch with HSBC International bank in central Paris if you want some more information from them.