Student seeking apartment in Paris:::Septembre 2010


I'm hoping to secure an apartment (max 750 euros/mois)  in Paris before arriving there this September.   I will be in Paris doing museum studies research and attending classes at the Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle until the end of May.  Does any one have any advice about how one might secure an apartment before arrival or have any leads on potential apartments?

Bien a vous,

Madeline Mink

Hi - have you tried these? (I'm not positive they all cover Paris):

Bonjour Madeline and Welcome on Expat-blog! You should have a look at theParis classifieds > accommodation section and place an ad there...

Good luck

it will be tough to get one before you arrive, unless you secured something like cite universitaire. if youre looking to get a private rental, i advise you to be prepared to spend a couple of weeks in a hostel/hotel. Landlords have too much choice so prefer to meet in person.