Any expats in or near Ostuni. Puglia. ?

Hello :-)

I am from Berlin/Germany and 39... and not vet an expat. But i am planning to go South Italy (Bari) or Rome.

I will be in Bari from 07. September at least for a month and yes i am looking for expats to meet and wanna hear their experiences how to make a life as expat in Italy/South Italy.

I already created an event on ... at the 10th September in Bari ...just to meet other expats and maybe to create more (job) opportunities for us in Puglia. Update: but the event was delete because the despription was too short. :-P

I will do trips to Ostuni and Cisterino :-) so it would nice to meet you :-)


Please keep me updated, thank you

Hi guys
We have a house just outside Ostuni but live in Ireland. I have a language school here in Ireland for teenage summer students coming from Rome. On account of ongoing travel restrictions and lack of confidence in travelling, I am running my language school from Ostuni for the Easter school holiday week 2021, with the view to running courses all summer 2021 if it is successful. I am actively looking for English speaking expat families living locally to host my students. 1 per family. The student will be with me all day doing English classes and afternoon activities, but they will spend the evening eating and socialising with their host family. If this is something that might interest you, could you message me and we can talk more. Many thanks

Ciao tutti!

I'm a little late to this party! My hubby and I are set to close on a house in Carovigno next month. And maybe, just maybe, we can actually sign the papers ourselves now instead of using a proxy, but we will see.

At this time we will only be able to visit a few times a year but hope to move over in 3-5 years. 

In the meantime we have some renovations to do, so we look forward to connecting with any of you who are feeling brave.


I agree to come with my family and I can employ students in my home. For any inquiries, please contact me. I am ready to answer any question.

Hello Can you help me with a job

Congrats, on your purchase we are from Brindisi, what type of remodeling are you doing?

I want an assistant to get a job

With pleasure

Can you help me with a job

why not .what help you need

I am Fatima from Algeria. I am pleased to join you

Hello how are you
I search contrat work


First we will need to redo the wiring.  We would also like to take down some walls that were added and not needed for us. We have seen some previous plans that were approved but then never done, so we are hopeful we can add a bathroom on the ground level and a laundry room to the top level.

Hello how are you

good morning, how are you

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good morning, how are you


hi how are you


Hi Rod and Elaine
We have just posted a message and spotted that you are not too far away. We have been  here for about 5 years , finished our building 3 years ago. Would you like to meet up for a coffee? We are here until 29th September.
Rob & Heidi

Hi AnnieRosie, I have recently moved over from Sydney with Italian my partner and son. Would be lovely to meet up for a cuppa. We are going to Ireland at the end of Sept but will be back in October, Catriona

Hello everyone! My name is Manu, I have dual citizenship and I have  recently relocated from the UK, after 23 years! I'm based in Brindisi and I'm looking for new friends, expats from all over the world, with whom explore Puglia! In the past, due to my work I've lived in several countries in South America and  Spain and Portugal, here in Europe, hence I also speak Spanish!
Currently I'm missing a lot my friends in London but I hope to soon be able to meet new people who live in Puglia, with this website's help!
If you are also looking to meet new people, please do get in touch!

Hi Manu,

We're not exactly expats, we live in London and have a place in Ostuni.

My partner is Australian and would love to have a drink where he can actually have a chat to someone!

We'll be in Ostuni from the 23rd of October until the 30th and would be happy to grab a drink any evening.


Hi Catriona,

My partner Jason is from Sydney, I'm sure he'd love to have a chat to a fellow Aussie!

We'll be in Ostuni from the 23rd to the 30th of October. Any chance we could have a drink?


@Bella Terra

Hello Bella Terra,

I just saw forum and realized it is from 2019. I am looking to retire within the next year. The area in Puglia I'm interested is around Cisternino and Carovigno. I would love to hear your impressions of the area, and difficulties on relocating to this region. Also, if you have a real estate company you can recommend, I would appreciate it.


Mark C. D'Addio

Hi Mark my wife and retired here in 2019,we live near Serranova and Torre Guaceto which is just outside Carovigno

we have had a wonderful time since and have made many new friends We've had a few problems but not very many no more than uk

I would recommend a company called Property Organiser based in London the lady owner is Italian and so are most of her staff but all speak English

They can offer you a complete service so check out their web site and give them a call you will be surprised they take all the worries out of the process

Good Luck

Rod Tipler

Hy my name is zubair I'm from Pakistani I'm looking for working you need help me

Hello, I am originally from Puglia, been in the US for 30 yrs, and wondering how your Pugliese experience has been so far? 

Do you miss being able to go to a larger city and see shows, theater performances, etc?

Considering moving to Italy, but unsure on location..........Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Sicilia, Sardegna, too many to choose from.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Also, for those that have experienced a renovation project in Italy, do you think a bilingual engineer (licensed in the US & Italy) might have helped?


Hi, I am in Ostuni, a retiree from Canada and hoping to meet up with some English speaking people. Are there any regular events or meet ups that I could attend?



Hi, I am a retiree from Canada and currently visiting Ostumi and area. I would love to meet up with some other retirees/expats.

Are there any regular events or meet ups in the area?



@Elaine & Rod Tipler

Hi hope your well, could fo with some advice if possible??.Bought a shell in Carovigno near Speccholia.Thanks Sean


Hi hope your well, me and my wife have bought a property ( to be completed) in Carovigno near Specchiolla.Would be grateful for any advice you could pass on.Thanks Sean and Jo