Want to live and work in Australia

I need your help guys,am Emera Erasme from Rwanda,i want to move in Australia and work there and build up my career in forestry thanks!!

Hi Emera Erasme and welcome to Expat.com :)

Please feel free to have a look at the Living in Australia guide, it might help you.


Expat.com team  :cheers:

hi there,do you have any preferences about which city? also you know you need a visa to come to australia to work and study?

If you study in Australia maybe you will get the chance to be offered a job after graduation if you have the proper visa

If you study higher education in Australia you will get a post graduate visa  visa to work full time for two years. if you need more information you can contact me

i need to do a master degree in australia.its my dream.but i have no any idea about the procedure. pleace help me

simple contact univeristies, show your degrees, ask visa and pay the money if they say yes 29000 Aud / year plus unit living and expenses.... good luck

Hi guys.,...., someone to connect me please with companies at Bendigo, Melbourne or Sunshine Brisbane for me to get job offer letter thus work visa to enter Australia. Student visa route is too expensive for me.

@sike sinyen

Google is your friend. Go online and search for a job. You will need qualifications and work experience.
Go to 'Discover' at the top of this page and open the Australia Guide.
Have you looked at a working holiday visa.
All visas into Australia have a cost.

Yeah, but that visa is only specific to some countries.
Africa is locked out of working holiday visa.

Again about Australian jobs, I have tried them but they require authorization(Work visa/permit). I have tried everything even student visa , I got admission to college in western Sydney but it became to expensive to join.
I have a friend in Melbourne city.

If cost is the factor then you have a problem.

Is that an advice.....?

Yes it is a problem as you will have to show you have funds to stay and support yourself, have medical insurance cover etc.

What if I have a family friend...?

The family friend will have to cover all your expenses and be totally responsible for you, including if you get into problems with the law or have to leave the country.

It is a big responsibility for your friend and they will have to prove their finances will cover you and themselves.

So,what should I do? What is your opinion brother........?

It will be impossible for you to enter Australia unless you are fully financial so you should abandon the idea.

😂😂😂, I will enter, study, work and live in Australia soon, keep this message for future reference. Nothing is impossible through faith in God.

Good luck with that.