Jobs in Melbourne for dependent in visa subclass 457


I'm moving to Melbourne soon since my husband is getting transferred there. He is a software consultant. I'm wondering how to find a job for myself!

My basic qualification is in Visual Communication and Interior Design. I'm proficient in design softwares like AutoCAD, photoshop, corel draw etc. I'm looking for some openings in the field of interior design. I lived in Hong Kong for a year and have experience working in an Interior Design firm.

Are job sites the best option or would it help networking with people and building contacts??

Please help

Hi and welcome on board buttercup88!

Here is an article that might help: Find a job in Australia.

Good luck

hello how are you .... I hope you will be fine ...
I am working as an Executive Engineer in Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company limited. I am interested in applying for 457 visa sub class in australia so that i could enhance my professional skills in australia.

Please tell me if u know anyone who applied for the same visa and currently working in australia.

looking forward for your prompt response.

Raza ALi

Check the australian immigration website and see what type of visa you need to be able to look for work. I am sure as your husband will be working there you may be able to get a spouse visa. Try this website to see what work is around.

@buttercup88, as long your husband hold a valid 457 visa, you don't need a visa to find work, you can also work in any industry.

@Raza first you'll need a job offer by an Australian company, then you need a sponsor to help you with the 457 visa. Some employers have this accredited by IMMI, if not talk to me, I'm have a sponsor permits.


Networking will always be a benefit, if not in finding a job then at least in gaining invaluable advice from experience.

I would recommend, it has a high frequency of job turnovers and the waiting period for a response is generally a few days.