Special trade cards to work on the Construction site of Oz.

Just wondered if anyone could help me. I am coming over to Melbourne on my wife's visa, and she has been told by the agency that is sorting out her visa that I can work on her visa in Melbourne. I am a qualified Joiner /carpenter so wondered could I just work on to a building site and get a job are do need some special card, are have to pass a test to be able to work in my trade. Can any body help.

Hi Crainey, welcome to Expat.com!
Did you already have a look on the Guide of Life in Australia and particularly the page on Visas and Work Permits?
Did you read previous topics of the forum?
Hope this helps!

Before my wife got her visa, I was just about to start my application for my visa to get a skilled trade Visa. I had to pass a Practical and theory Exam to prove I was Qualified in my trade (joiner / Carpenter). I'm fully apprentice trained in this country but they don't recognise this in oz. My wife has her visa and she has been told that I can work on her visa but no one can tell me if I can still work as a chippy in oz.

Also can some one tell me that it is a better way of life than back her. It is just  so expensive especially buying a car in oz.

My wife has a job at the Monash medical centre, as a midwife and I hope to get something before I get out there. We also have a little 3 year old. He is one of the reasons why we are doing this.

One more thing my wife's job is in Clayton I've been looking at property to rent near her place of work, so any recommendation would be useful also childcare centres please.

Can anyone tell me what Mordialloc is like as a place to live thank you.