Is it difficult to find a job in Melbourne?


I just recently arrived in Australia last December 2012. Is it really difficult to find Accounting job in Melbourne? Ive been applying for 5 months and i got no interviews at all.

I have lodge applications from different recruitment agencies,, career one etc. but still unsucessful.

can you please give advice.

Extrememly difficult to find any sort of work in Australia

You will need to be a member of CPA Australia, The Institute of Chartered Accountants or Institute of Public Accountants. If you have an accounting professional qualification, you can find out from them whether you can convert it to an Australian qualification without having to do exams.

CPAA is popular if you go into public practice and ICAA is more popular with the Big 4. The other organisations are happy with a CPAA or ICAA qualification. Please due your due diligence but that's what my accounting friends have told me over the years.

You will also find that Australian experience or experience with a multi-national is preferred by job agencies. Try applying directly with employers. You stand a better chance and follow up with HR.

All the best.

Hi qutie143jft,

You might want to consider expanding your job search outside of Melbourne and even outside the state of Victoria. One thing I've read in some posts in the internet is that some recruiters are looking for local experience. Have you joined It's free to join and you can have access to some job postings that might not be advertised in the other online job websites. Also, there are some groups have been created for specific occupations, alumni, and networking..