Moving to melbourne

dear friends,

we are a married couple. both 27 years old.
we are currently living in new delhi, india.
i have done my BBA and have my own business.
my wife is an MBA in marketing and is working for a real estate group.
we are both keen on moving to melbourne, in the next six months.

we want to know how easy or difficult it is to find a job for an MBA in melbourne and is it possible to start your own business with limited capital. also how long does it take to get a job. is it possible to look for a job while we are still india in order to start work from day 1.
also the extent of racism in melbourne.

also need to know how much money is needed per week for an above average lifestyle for 2 people with 2 cars living in a 2 bedroom apartment in melbourne in a nice and quiet neighbourhood.

all your help will be highly appreciated.

Hi Rudy,

Hope I can be of some assistance. The cost of living does depend on where you live, so I would suggest you have a look at the website this will provide you with an indication of rental costs in all suburbs in Melbourne.
Finding a job is possible, you will have to meet the migration eligibility first so keep that in mind. I would also get you to check out again it will provide you with an indication of the types of employment. You can start looking for a job while you are in India but you first need to make sure you are eligible to work in Australia. The running costs of a car also depend on the vehicle you want. Petrol costs aroud $1.25 per litre, nsurance will vary and registration is around $600. The racism factor is not what is depicted in the media and I would suggest you do a little further research into this is make your own opinion.

Hope I have been of help, also to check your eligibility check out our website (moderated:no free ads) this will provide you with links to all the above website and will also provide you with a free assessment and interview to assist you with your decisin making process.

Kind regards,


Hi guys,

to work in australia, the easiest way is probably to setup a company (very easy to do here) and have at least $100k. Then show your business plan when you apply for the permanent residency. It's hard to get one but it's worth a try.

Cost in oz have exploded over the past 3 years...and the financial crisis didn't really help.

to find a job go to :, it's the most popular website for finding a job.

Good luck,