Looking for a job in melbourne

I'm looking for a job , I'm available ASAP

Hello Sitrakachamsia :cheers:

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You may want to drop an advert in the Jobs offers in Melbourne section.

Do you have any specific work expertise please?


Hello kenjee , Thank you for replying .I'm looking for in tourism industry, I have 2 years experience in it . Specially Travel agency , Airline, hotel management , or all job in customer service are suitable for me.  I'm going to drop an advert as you said .


Do you have a work visa ?? If not then check out this website www.immi.gov.au

No I only have a working holiday visa :/, I know it's not easy to find something, I would like a sponsorship

Dont restrict yourself to Melbourne, Cairns North Queensland is a very popular tourist destination for people around the world and has heaps of travel agents, resorts, tour groups etc.

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Hello, what kind of job is it ? And which company ? May I have further informations ? Thanks

Sitrakachamsia wrote:

Hello, what kind of job is it ? And which company ? May I have further informations ? Thanks

Hello :cheers:

Beware of everyday scams on the internet. Many propose e marketing jobs, and most people do not get paid after their one month trial work.

Please refer to the Jobs section and cross check the employers details from internet.

If it's too good to be true... then it probably is..


Best way is check out in SEEK.com.au
you can narrow your search according to place and industry.
Given you specialty I would say go to few hotels in the town and hand over your CV direct to HR dept.
Good luck

Hi. I manage to work at Melbourne in this coming December. I not ready with any visa ,may I know can I get the visa applicant by my company ? or I have to prepare it?

Your prospective employer will have to process the application.

You can apply through symmetry they'll help you find a job

Hi, Malaysian can work as part time personal trainer in fitness centre over there?


You can work anywhere providing you have the correct visa and a job to go to.