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Hi there,
I am Vietnamese girl, 24years old.

I would love to stay in Australia for few months up to 1 year.And what I need is Aus visa, so could anny one help me to find out a casual job there which employer could sponsor me for visa.
I can do as a full time nanny ( expericenced but no first aid licence), or some unskilled jobs at coffee shop , "Pho" rstaurant, supermarket....

Apart Vietnamese, I can speak fluently English and a little bit French.
I really hope to have chance to travelling to Australia.

Many thanks,


You need to get a visa first. Check the govt immigration website  there are different visa options open to you.

Just be aware that the govt here look very closely at asians coming to australia so best you do things legally and get a visa.

This is due to boat people arriving  each year.

Thanks Stumpy,

I checked on the website already. kind of visa I need that is working holiday visa. But if I want to passed this visa,the important thing is  an invitation letter's employer there.

So i am looking for job online via some Aussi Jobs webs, but so far have nothing. I also am trying to looking for job at Vietnamese community in Autralia.

I'm very appriciate if someone can offer me a job there.

Many thanks,


Type in 'vietnam communities or clubs Sydney' into your search engine and you will find contacts there.

Sorry girl, you cannot get working holiday visa. Vietnam has not signed working holiday agreement with Australian Government. Your situation is quite hard. It's not that easy to be approved to work in Australia as a nanny if you do not have a eligible qualification. And Australian Gov do not welcome Vietnamese to work unskilled job there, they prefer to grant visa to skilled workers.

Hello khanhly_a12! Welcome on board :)

Just to inform you that this thread is over one year old! But thanks for the info, I am sure that it will help future members having the same query.  :top:



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