Hi everyone

Just want to make friendship and need to know how to get a working permit and to get a job in melbourne..
Thank you..

Hi marthajasmine,
Welcome aboard Expat.com. Have you tried browsing through the Melbourne forum? this link to Melbourne may help you.

Good luck in your quest to get a job over there and hope you will succeed. :)

Best of luck,
J :cool:

Hi marthajasmine,

Welcome to Expat.com!

I have moved your topic on the Melbourne forum for better visibility.

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Thanks alot J and christine... Seems a bit hard for foreigners to get a job there, i should have the sponsorship.

May be your fellow country men have done this kind of things and may have some idea on the best way to approach it.
I hope you get some answers here from others who can help you. :)

Good luck and keep trying, dont give up. - one day that door opens and creates the opportunities we've been looking for. ;)

Best of luck, :)

Jaz :cool:

Check on the australian govt immigration website for info on visas.
This site will tell you what sort of visa you can apply for.