Living and working in Qormi (or nearby areas)

Hello everyone,

I have just joined the forum.

I am moving to Malta end of August as I found a job there. As my office is in Qormi I was thinking in living somewhere nearby (somewhere that would not take me more than half an hour commute door-to-door and where it would be fairly cheaper). I was considering areas such as Balzan, Attard, Qormi and St. Venera. My budget is arounf 650/700 for a 2 bedroom flat. I am not a night-life person but would rather prefer living in a nice peaceful area, with some shops/ cafes (ideally).

Does someone live nearby these areas who could give me an idea please?

Thanks for your help. :)

Consider Siggiewi and Zebbug as well.  I rent a 2 bed from my au pair within your budget and its nearby Qormi

We live in Siggiewi its very calm and peaceful (things no-one every say about Malta)

Thank you! I will look into those areas as well. :)

For that price (650/700 Euros) I should be able to find a nice  2 bed flat around those areas right?

Thanks again!

The end of August will probably still be dearer and into September as still holiday season, also there may not be so many available but hopefully you will find somewhere to your liking, good luck anyway.

The one I rent is newish, well furnished with aircon and TV etc, I think its 650 or so near Siggiewi central

Thank you GozoMo! I will be coming end of August but probably the state agents will start showing places by beggining of September or so. Let's see.

That's really Good Volcane. Thanks.

There are many things to consider when looking for accommodation, apart from being close to your work, so take your time. Renting through a contact rather than an agent may be cheaper. Maybe someone at work will be able to help you.
If you intend buying a car, parking may be problematic. If not, how far is the bus stop and how regular is the bus service in your chosen area?
Access to shops - supermarkets or small local shops to which you can walk for bread and milk. When you are working , this is important!
Qormi is in a hollow and can be quite hot and airless. Also quite noisy but transport and shopping is good!! Also far from sea!!!

Thank you Biddy!

Is there any website where you can rent directly with the landlord rather than going through an agent? In UK there's Gumtree. I was wondering whether there is something similar in Malta? Or do you have any contact for that matter? I have asked at work as well but they don't seem to know anyone.

I know that Qormi isn't ideal but I don't drive yet so I will have to rely on buses hence I did not want to live too far from work. With a car I could definitely think about living a bit far.

I was also considering Attard and Balzan as a potential to live. Do you think it would be too far from Qormi?

Thank you again! :)


I feel that Zebbug would be better than Attard or Naxxar, but you must look at a map with reference to where you work.  Which other village is within walking distance of where you work. What buses serve your place of work and where do they go? If they don't go to Attard, without a change, don't look there!!
I've sent you a list I've made of places you can consult for flats without going through an agent.

Attard and Balzan are a million times nicer than Qormi. If transport is doable, i would definitely live there and not in Qormi. Consider cycling, it's less than 5 km, and will definitely be faster than the car + no parking hassle. :)

Thank you Biddy! :)

Thank you Nilo. Will definitely look into these areas.

Hamrun, depending where - is also a option. On border with Santa Venera, close to Lidl and Junior College. Rent is reasonable compared to Sliema etc

Thanks Michelle!

Some people have said that Hamrun is not a nice area? What is your opinion?



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