i want to rent a room in malta

fredrick irabor :

i want to rent a room in malta

Not many details in your post.

Hello Frederıck, Please advise the areas you would lıke to live in, length of stay envisaged and how much you are prepared to pay. I already rent out one room but have another free for the next 6 months and maybe more. email me on***

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I am looking for a Private Room with a Private Bathroom, and all other flat/house amenities to be shared aka, so I can make my cafe in morning and may be wash my clothes in washer, accordingly, etc, for the winter time, so seasonal prices as they go down, from early December to end of February, anywhere in Malta would do,
as I am on a Budget, so anything approx. 300 EUR, is my comfy price, all bills included, including your extra charges on ridiculus el.meters overcharges, or electicity aka heating, since I ve heard winters are nasty cold in Malta, so all that included and paid transparently.
Welcome to PM me for details, Thank you in advance.

Winters are not that cold it's just that the building are built to be cool in the summer so often it's cooler in then out.  As regards to having somewhere to stay, why not advertise on the housing section.

Hi MaltaMyst,

there was a post by an Italian girl - Beatrice Settanni, she was searching for a flatmate. You can try to find it. I think the price was good.


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