Starting a small business with a Lithuanian partner


I have been doing a lot of reading on starting a small business in Lithuania and I'm confused about opening a business there and having trouble finding information about starting a small business in Lithuania as a foreigner with a Lithuanian business partner. Ideally we would like to start a farm and I know a lot about farming, but I'm still learning about starting a business. I'm finding information that the business has to be operating for at least 6 months prior, employing at least 3 Lithuanians and such. Does any of this change if I open a business with a Lithuanian partner and if the business is a farm? 

Any help would be appreciated.  Full disclosure: I have traveled to Lithuania many times and am aware of the agriculture environment, agricultural markets, climate, the food prices, the cost of land, etc. I don't need people telling me that moving there is a big mistake, I really would just appreciate any information about starting a business in Lithuania.

I started a management company in 2014 in Vilnius, and it was not somtehing complicated. In fact I found it very easy. The only thing that could be a litle complicated its for getting VAT number. But maybe you will not need it!
Could you be more specific about what you need would lke to know.
You can buy a company in ready made quicker but most expansive , ou create one.
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Jose Alves

I can help you with information and opening your business


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