Doing business in Lithuania


are foreign investors welcome in Lithuania?

Is it complicated to register a company in Lithuania? What is the procedure?

What is the corporate tax rate in Lithuania?

Is it easy to recruit?

Any advice you would share with us?

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Hi Julien,

Foreign investors are allways wellcome here in Lithuania.

Its not difficult to establish a company if you know the procedure. Generally it involves signing of the act of incorporation, opening bank account , certifying establishing docs with public notary and filing everything with Registrar of Companies. The minimum share capital for Limited Liability Company is 10 000 Litas (2900 Euros).

Currently corporate tax size is 15 %, but is possible to pay 5 % if certain size requirements are met.

As regards reqruitment of staff it is very easy to find good profesionals in LT due to high unemployment rate. BTW around 90 % of Lithuanias has higher education diplomas.

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Let me know if there's anything else

Thank you for your contribution Andr1us! :)


Hi Andr1us,

Beside Capital, what are the other costs involved in formation of company and you suggest me some lawyer who can help me forming in company in Lithuania.

Actually, Lithuania is perhaps the very best country in EU you could choose for your business.

Main advantages here are:
1) easy regulations,
2) very low corporate taxes, if you know how to handle them
3) low costs of drift/running the company
4) low salaries
5) high demand for jobs
6) highly qualified and educated people

Hello everyone,

I am currently in Ghana and want to open a tourism business in LIthuania. Any help from you guys will be appreciated. Any partnership will also great.

hello. what kind of business do you want to start in LT?

@ KarolisLT: Do you have any information to share with the members regarding doing business in Lithuania?

What would people thing of a sports bar in Lithuania. are people interested in sports enough their? do u get a lot of tourists?

Hello Guys,
I was Reading some of the Posts and I can say few Things Regarding Lithuania As I have First Hand Experience here as an Foreigner o Start Business and All The Little problems One  can Face.
1) If Some of you Guys are Looking to start a Business Than Lithuania Have very much Potential and best Part is at this Moment Things are Comparatively Cheaper when Compare To Most Other Places In E.U.
2) I started From Small City and I am Very Much Happy as I have more Association with People and Had very Good support From The Local Municipality and Local Government.
3) Language is The Issue in small cities But Most of the People do Understand english specially young Population and You do get Skilled Labour from Local Labour Market ( Darbo Birza ) Its Called in here.
So Overall To start this is Good Option and You Can Plan Further European Expansion Of Business Also.
If Any of you Guys Have Any querries Regarding Business In Lithuania Please Feel Free to Message me.I will try to Answer As soon as Possible.Guys Please Use this Forum and it will definetly help you, Because it helped me :)
So Enjoy and Good Luck all.

@ arvinator21 > Thank you for your contribution :)

Priscilla team

You are Most Welcome Pricilla :) If That can be helpful for anyone than I would be really Happy.

Thanks for all your information! It's very important for us. :)
Besides doing business, can u give me some advices in seeking for a Permanent Residence (PR) visa in Lithuania? If I buy a house in Lithuania, can I have PR visa or not?
Best Regards,

When are you planning on coming here ? What's your plan - to find a job, to runs some business, or anything else ? I hope you've chosen Vilnius, and not some other city. It's much more cosmopolitan, you know, and foreigners easily blend in here.


To nerkasma: Thanks to read my comment :) I'm still searching about Lithuania information to make a decision because at the moment I don't know which city I should choose in Lithuania yet. Can you tell me the reasons why you said Vilnius be better than others for foreigners? How far is it from Vilnius to the capital or a big city in Lithuania? Which investment should I do now in Lithuania between run a business, find a job, or buy a house?
Kind Regards,

I will be coming to lithuania soon to learn about business and getting a TRP. I want to know if you can help a fellow Indian to get around?

hyperbole33 wrote:

I will be coming to lithuania soon to learn about business and getting a TRP. I want to know if you can help a fellow Indian to get around?

What Business are you interested in? I am not sure what kind of help you need?If You already have a Business in Poland or no?

I am interested in starting towels and bed sheet business in LITHUANIA.
Is there any scope?
Which city will be the best?

I'm not in the towels and bedsheet business but have some Ideas about high quality towels (Design). I'm in Vilnius by the end of march...


I am going to Lithuania Vilnius tomorrow 25th, so let me know in detail if you would like to know anything, my email address is: mrazizahmed(at)hotmailDOTCOM.

Hello Dear,

I have Lithuanian TRP and am coming to Vilnius in Early June 2014.

Please suggest the potential business I can start there.

Some of the options I am considering!
- Start shop to sell clothes, bed sheet, etc.
- Open Restaurant offering Indian Food
- Obtain Franchise of English Speaking Learning or Clothing or Junk Food

Please suggest!

I am interested in travelling to Luthania for TRP. So for this will I have to open my own company or Can I do partnership with anyone. I can invest money. Can anybody help me somehow. Thanks in advance  :)

Hi,I'm from Islamabad and based in dubai. Please assist how you got the TRP as you are planning to start a business there now.    I'm also planning to setup a company in vilnus. Need advice from brother


I am from Lithuania and until 2 of June  I still will be hear so if you need any help, ask.

@Liucija, You are in Lithuania ? As I mentioned earlier I need to know how much total capital is required to start up a small business setup ( All company formation charges along with TRP charges etc).   Best regards

Hello Dear, for TRP, you need to open a company first then complete all documentation. Once Documentation is completed then you need to appear in an interview at any Lithuanian Embassy near to you. Your documents will then processed and as per rule you will get decision within next 6 months of your interview!

You might need to engage any migration Lawyer to complete documentation for you!


Hello Mr Sharif,

If You want to Open a Restaurant or Any kind of Business than You need to have a Lithuanian Registerd Company or If You Have Business In Italy and want a Subsidiary than also Taxes will be More High.So Best Option is To Have Company in here because Taxes are not very High For UAB ( Limited Liability Company) and You will be able to get staff Much cheaper if you Compare to Italy in Euros.

Anyways If You need any more Info I can help you and If You are Interested in Restaurant Business in Particular I have a Very Good Offer.
If Interested Let me know.
Good Luck for Your Initial Hunting In Lithuania.


Thats Even Better You see and feel The Country and Can Make Informed Decisions.

dear arvind, this is azfar from pakistan. I am also planing to come there however i am little bit confused about the family settlement. Do you think that lathuania is a place where family can be settled.Are there asian particulalrly pakistanis and Muslims families in Lathuania.

Will appreciate if you can guide me .

dear shahzad i am azfar from pakistan and need to discuss about eurpe. will appreciate if you contact me on

Azfar Siddiqui wrote:

dear arvind, this is azfar from pakistan. I am also planing to come there however i am little bit confused about the family settlement. Do you think that lathuania is a place where family can be settled.Are there asian particulalrly pakistanis and Muslims families in Lathuania.

Will appreciate if you can guide me .

Hello Azfar Bhai, I am with Family here and there are Many Muslims Families Living in Kaunas and Vilnius From Asia and Turkey Also.
At the end of the Day its Your Choice and You need to be ready to mix Up Local People also Than Only you will be able to see in different prospective.This Country is safe,People are Friendly but Shy In starting because they Take their time To get to know People.
so You need to decide No one in this world can tell you what is Best For You.Any help or questions Can Ask me.

Thank You

If you plan on starting a business in Lithuania, there is an organization you should know about. It is called "Invest In Lithuania".

This is from their website:

Invest Lithuania is a Lithuanian government agency that provides free advice and introductions to on the ground experts to global companies interested in doing business in Lithuania.

The agency serves as a point of contact for foreign companies and guides international businesses through every step of the process of setting up operations in Lithuania.

Invest Lithuania also provides information on Lithuania's highly-skilled yet cost-competitive labour force, tax incentives, and financing options.

When we first arrived in Lithuania, we made an appointment with them and visited them. They were helpful.

@ ExpatInVilnius > Thank you for your contribution :)


sharifshahzad777 wrote:


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Hi, Mr.Arvind my name is Mr.Siddiqui, from karachi pakistan.I am interested to know about opening an indian restaurant in lithuania, kindly share any good offers.
Regards, thanx.

Dear Friends,

I am kk from India. I am trying to explore business opportunities in Vilnius. Can anybody throw some focus on restaurant business in Vilnius like how much does it cost to set up a restaurant and how would business run etc..


Hi, im interested in partnership, or i can help startiing a business, to open a restourant etc. Im native lithuanian with  business.experience

Hi lithuania,

Welcome on :)

I suggest you post an advert in the Business partners classifieds in Lithuania section please :)

Thank you


Hello People,

I can see so many people are Interested in opening a restaurant or a Hotel in Lithuania.Guys Just one Honest Advice as I am In the Business and i know things Inside out here regarding Businesses, Please do not be fool if someone says its very easy and Cheap to get all things Doneor set up a restaurant or Hotel.
Any business related with Food and alcohol need proper Licences here in Lithuania and there are few ways to get these licences from Concern Authorities.Some of them licences are transferrable some are Keep in mind there are few Beaurocratic hurdles also but Everything is possible with right Advice and fee you pay to the Authorities or have some consultants or Experieced people.Don`t have to be a Lithuanian Resident so,thats quite absurd if some one say i am resident and i know everything because there are so many things that 1 person will not be ableto know All.
One of my very dear Friend Running a Famous Indian Restaurant In Vilnius and He is Not Lithuanian so Guys get yourself uptodate with Info and Best Possible way is to come feel the Place and look for Opportunities.Sitting Thousands Of Kilometer away and setting up any Restaurant in my experience is not Possible.If Someone have done it than I would like to meet that person.

Thank you
Arvind Chauhan