Odd-Jobs and Skilled Jobs in Lithuania for English Speakers

Hi Everyone,

I need to know some information about Lithuania Job Market.

I am from Pakistan and I did MBA - Finance in 2009 and I have 3 years job experience in Finance field but I can ONLY SPEAK ENGLISH & URDU Language, could you please tell me about the job market in Lithuania for English speaker, I know it is very difficult to get job without knowing official language and I would also appreciate if you could tell me about odd-jobs in Lithuania so that in the mean time I will join any centre for learning native language.

Prompt response to this request will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for helping me in this regard,
Monis Zafar

Hwello Monis Zafar. :)

Hope other members will give you some useful informations.

In meantime, you can post an advert in the Jobs in Lithuania section. It can help.

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Hey Monis,

I replied in other thread to your question.

I hope moderators will move my reply here.

Thanks Minde.

Hi Assalam O Alaikum,

Are you in Lithuania now ?

Hi Shahzad.Hassan,

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