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how to get a taxi driver job and how much can a taxi driver earn per day and how is that job for a foreigner


Here in Lithuania the taxi drivers are all Lithuanian. And sincerelly I think you should learn Lithuanian if you want to find a job here. Additionally you will find a lot of problems to get a Visa since you are an Indian citizen. Think as well that the costumers of the taxi drivers are mainly Lithuanian citizens and not everybody speaks English. I recommend you then to learn the language.


if i come to lithuania on a work permit, can i leave to Uk from there if so then please let me know


Taxi job in Lithuania is very dangerous. I do not recommend it.

May i know some of the reasons please, besides which part time jobs are advisible to prefer


I agree with the others. You will have a hard time getting a job in Lithuania, even as a taxi driver. A better bet is to start your own company in Lithuania. If you do, you will be able to get a residency permit to live here. But you need to have the money to start the company and that is not cheap. As an example, there is a well known Indian guy who started a very successful Indian restaurant in Vilnius. There are a few others from India here, but not many.

If you have a permit to live in Lithuania, you can NOT travel to the UK without a visa. The UK is not part of the schengen agreement. However, if you have a permit for Lithuania, you can travel to most other European countries visa free.

I wouldn't recommend you a taxi-driver job. Firstly, it is very dangerous. Taxi drivers get robbed or beaten, especially when driving at night-time.
Secondly, the language is important because still not many people in Lithiania speak English..

I want to get job while studying


Sure bro......

Mmmm.... Thnk u  :(

hi there hop you doing well I am looking taxi driver job in Lithuania plz some one can help me to get.i am in UAE Dubai have 10 year driving experience plz let me know...

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