Nanny voluntary job

English speaking Lithuanian girl seeking for a nanny voluntary job in a friendly and sincere family

Hello families!

Thank you for taking time to read my letter.
First of all I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Simona, I am 23 years old and as you can guess I am from small country situated by the Baltic Sea, which name is Lithuania. I just acquired my bachelor degree in law and now I am going to take a gap year, to prepare for my future master studies. During this year I wish to improve my English skills .

After graduation I decided  do not rush and take time to prepare for my studies, at the moment I am trying to do it, but I found it more difficult than I expected. As I mentioned before, I really wish to improve my English (it is my aim now) and I think the best way to do it is having contacts with native speakers. Therefore, I would like to offer my help for English speaking families to take care voluntary (not payable) for their children. I believe it will be helpful for me and for you too: I will communicate in English more often and you will have some free time for yourself (for example some hours in weekends :)

Taking care of kids for me means - responsibility and sympathy, but also having fun and teaching new things for them. I have experience of taking care of children: I worked as an assistant for kindergarten teacher. During this work, I helped teacher to educate children through playing and interactive activities: dancing, singing and others things. I have also been working as a nanny for one year in a big family. Together with another nanny we looked after three newborns, it was really demanding work, it required a great responsibility and patience, but it also gave me so much: understanding about children world and how they explore it, I also had an opportunity to watch how they grew up and got know the world around them.

Feel free to ask my anything You want.
Hope it's enough to make a first impression.
All the best,

Simona, I am from the USA and have many contacts there.  If you are interested in the USA as a possible destination, I might be able to find you a place.  I would like to know if you would be interested in a situation where there are no small children? Perhaps working as a housekeeper? Believe me it would not be a large amount of work. You would be with very well educated people, with good backgrounds, and very good living conditions.