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    Please suggest me regarding Part Time Job in Kaunas. I wish to pursue MBA in Kuanas. What are prospects of part time jobs for students in Kaunas.



Hi Abhi, have you tried to post an advert in Lithuania classifieds > Jobs section?

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Hello everyone ,my name is larbis, i am living in Šiaulių city , i am electronics technician and i am looking for any job  , and i need some help how i can find jobs , thank you


My name is Amine and Im living in kaunas city right now I'm looking for job since I came here but I didn't find anything! anybody have idea where I could find job cause realy realy I need it, thank you.

Guys, you should post in our brand new jobs section

I don't know if it is available to put links to other sites, but if yes I can share with some biggest job sites in Lithuania.

As well you can always found a job in companies like Čili Pica or McDonalds or other fast food restaurants. They are always looking for employers.

Hi my name is Moin I m going to take addmsion in Kaunas university for master in management speacialzation in marketing so can I get part time job in Kaunas  city ? And m I able to atleast earn that much money which use for dormitory n food expnces ? Help me and suggest me plz

It's hard to find job in these days, however many students and young people go to work in western europe in summer time so should be a lot of free spaces.
I would recommend try these websites:

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Hi all, I could suggest Transcom Worldwide Kaunas, it's a call center, you would work in english, available part-time and can choose to work evenings, weekends etc. worked there myself for a year wile studying, you have to have good english thou.

                I am Parth Panchal from India.I am an Electrical Engineer and want to pursue my career in electrical power system in any one can please tell me the opportunity of job for engineers in Lithuania? and during study how is the opportunity of part time jobs?

Julien wrote:

Guys, you should post in our brand new jobs section

Can you please help me out in finding a partime job . Currently I am staying Kaunas . Partime is very much important for me

Hello guys good morning . This is Ravi Shankar from India . I am currently pursuing my masters in Kaunas . So would you please help me out in finding the partime. It's really important for me. thanks in advance .😊😊

Hi Ravi Shankar gorli,

Welcome on board :)

Know that you posted on thread that is dated 2012 :)

Regarding worK - We will suggest you to drop your resume in the Jobs in Lithuania section as it might help :)

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Currently I am about to start my masters in Kaunas . So I just want to manage my studies and money.
So I am looking for a partime .
I am ready to do any partime

Thank you

Ravi Shankar gorli