Opportunities available to a Pakistani student in Lithuania

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I am Rana Kashif living in Lahore (Pakistan). I have been working as a journalist for about 15 years in different national and international English dailies. During these days of field experience as journalist I have been writing on national politics, provincial Assemblies, provincial and federal governments,health, agriculture, education and human rights.
Following my keen interest towards human rights, I switched over to the development sector and since the last three years working as a human rights activist. These days I am attached with a reputable South Asia level human rights organization based here at Lahore that focuses on the rights of religious minorities.

Being part of the development sector, I thought to improve my qualification in an area that could help me struggle for defending human rights in a more active and practical way. To materialize this wish and ideas of mine I want to study law from abroad and that from a European country particularly which is less expensive in terms of tuition fees and boarding and lodging.
to the best of my knowledge, Lithuania is the best place to have my desires met in terms of study at affordable rates, experience European culture and be a student in a country with beautiful environment and landscape. Personally I am interested to take admission in a four year law program of Marijampole college as it suits to me in terms of affordable tuition fees.

I request if someone of you can help me know that what opportunities are available to a Pakistani student in Lithuania and to what extent all it is possible. I also wish to have some friends from Pakistan in Lithuania to be in my contact so that I could have guidance and moral support from them. If any friend from among you can help me in this regard,I will be really grateful.

i would be equally thankful if some friend natively from Lithuania could guide me regarding my earlier post.


Rana Kashif (Pakistan)

Dear, kashif,

Long story short look Poland instead of Lithuania and the city which you have mention is very small that's why its look cheap and from Jan 2015  the current currency in Lithuania is euro so its not the cheapest country plus in Pakistan their is no Lithuanian embassy who deals with student visa but Hungary embassy deals on the behalf of lithuania only for visit visa which they almost don't issue.

Anyway best of luck

Hi Rana Kashif,

I have created a new thread with your post on the Lithuania forum in order to bring more light to your questions.
Here the members will be able to discuss with you more easily.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Dear Priscilla,

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Dear friend thank you very much for your nice cooperation and concern to help me out in having my queries addressed through creating a new thread. I am sure this sincere effort of yours will benefit me a lot regarding the matter in question.

Hats off to you and thank you soooooo much! :cheers: 

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Rana Kashif