Want to move to Germany, but may have criminal record. Is it possible?

Hello, I am from the United States, but for a long time have wanted to move to Germany. However, I am worried about a shoplifting citation I received when I was 17 about nine years ago. I was with a friend who shoplifted, and the citation had me as "aiding and abetting shoplifting" since I was with her and knew she stole something. I was offered a class to keep it off my "court record", now the police may still have a record in their department of the citation but I don't know for sure. So far, nothing ever comes up on my record checks for jobs, but I don't know if it would with a more thorough check. I was under 18 at the time so I'm sure that play a role in how the data is shared. I can say that I was not convicted as it was dismissed after the class and I was not arrested. But I was charged. I regret it considerably and would never do such a thing again. I want to know if I can still get a residence permit, work visa, etc. in Germany with this incident. Any advice, I would appreciate.

I assume the shoplifting conviction was in USA? Then there are two questions you need to determine:

1. Does it still show in your records?
    Such things usually expire after some time, but since this pertains to USA law, you won't find the answer on the Germany forum.

2. Do you need to submit a police record to get a German residency visa?
    I think not, but you better check this with the German embassy. And even if, a minor entry might not matter much.

you dont need a police record to apply for residency visa or work permit. the problem  is that in some professions the employer ask for a police report and background check. In this case if that record shows up the employer would rescind on the offer. Pharmacist, doctors, all health professional and scientist requires police report before employment. it would be good if you enlighten us about your exact profession. I personally didn't require to submit a police report for my work visa but my employer requested for it before signing the contract.

I would be looking to work in accounting. This shoplifting charge happened in my home country, the United States. I know I don't have a court record, because I was a minor and in exchange for taking a class they dropped the charge and did not put  it on the court record. But the local police department may have kept my citation record, I'm not sure. I know it is not public information as a minor, but if I sign to release private police records, they can, though some police departments still won't. They would not be able to release a court record, but I don't have a court record anyway. Just possibly the police. I was hoping even if they did find it, which employers so far haven't here in the United States, they could forgive it if I've proven myself rehabilitated by not reoffending. I've heard that Germany tries more to prevent those with records from missing employment opportunities by removing criminal records after a certain time, limiting what employers can find out, etc. but I would think this doesn't apply to foreigners as much. Am I wrong in that? I spoke with an immigration lawyer  just last night who said that it wouldn't count since I wasn't convicted and was a minor at the time, but again, I'm a foreigner.  So I don't know if the same rules go for me, I wouldn't think so.

I  am not sure though but i stand to be corrected, you would need a background check. In general i think you will be ok. the police report is actually checks  if you had a any criminal record within the EU unless of course you are on a terror watch-list or a big time drug dealer. little offences outside the EU wouldn't count. you should probably check if your country has an agreement with Germany in sharing criminal records of its citizen. i think you would be fine.