Moving to Heidelbeg in 6 Months

Hi All,

i'm Mostafa Ahmed, Egyptian, 24 years old, i'll be moving to Heidelberg in October as i'll be studying Informatics at the Heidelberg University. I already have a bachelor of languages, but i have been working as a Software Tester for the last 2 years, which is why i want to have a new major. I speak Arabic, German (have the Test-Daf certificate), Chinese (my Major at the Uni) & english. i'll be happy to know new people and even get a chance to chat before my arrival so that we can get used to each other and so. i'm very open minded, love to know different people from all around the world.

please contact me if interested.

Hi Mostafa,

Welcome to the forum - and to Germany!
As you are open-minded and flexible, I don't think you'll have major problems fitting in. I don't know any other Arab who studied Chinese - and just one Chinese who studied Arabic!
I can help you with general questions about Germany, so please don't be shy to ask. Hopefully somebody else will reply about Heidelberg specifics.


i don't think my problem would be fitting in, as a small part of my family is german, besides, i've traveled already to several countries in europe, so that won't be a problem at all. it's just that the only major issue i know is that it ain't that easy to make friends there ... which is a common thing in germany, never heard of a friendship that happens in a blink of an eye... that's why i'm intending to get to know more people before i go there.

You are right: Germans are in general a bit reserved towards strangers.
But (a small minority aside) they are quite open towards foreigners and to be approached - which you must do, since they are usually too shy to approach you. You will see that many will actually be glad that you did the first step. But be patient, they need time to warm up!

I don't think, you will have any problems in Heidelberg. It has a big university and many tourists, so people are not as closed up as they might be in some smaller towns.
Good places to make friends in Germany are always 'Sportverein' or other activity groups.  As a student you will have access to all kind of interest groups organised by various faculties and students. I'm sure, with you language skills and attitude you will make many friends!

Hi Mustafa
You remind me my student days in Deutschland,, :) ,,In Germany , they have many options to learn Germans, there are state owned schools and private schools, these schools not only help you to learn language and improve vocabulary but based on my experience, you come to know new people from different couturiers, and kind of socializing too, if not every day then at least few days in a week, the best things about these courses in state owned schools are , mostly they are almost free or very nominal cost .

I would suggest , try " abend Schule " evening schools,  normally arranged in the buildings of " Volkhochsculen" in almost every city of Germany--- Give it try- Good luck

S. Haider

Hi friends,

I am moving to Heidelberg, need friends and 2-3 months accommodation near Heidelberg , Mannheim, Frankfurt.