To move Germany.

Hello everyone!

I am willing to move to Germany. I am currently studying in eastern EU.I want to know about the living in Germany, job opportunities? visa issues.
Is it difficult to find a job?

Guide me!


As an EU citizen, you can freely settle and work in Germany, without the need for visa or permits.
Depending on your industry, education and work experience, it can be easy or difficult to find a job.
You should just try and apply at suitable companies!

no dude.i   am not an European citizen. I am from Asia. Is it easy to get a job for an Asian in Germany.

As a non-EU-citizen, it is very difficult to get a work permit - except in a few niche industries where Germany has a need for more experienced and skilled experts.
If your studies in Eastern EU give you a work permit there, you may want to stay there for a few years until you can secure some EU-wide stay permit.

What about odd jobs? Here education is useless.I don't want to waste my time, I want to enroll in an German uni, while doing even a odd job(like in a supermarket, web designing assistant or, hardware assembler or any mean). what do you know about that?

Foreign students (non-EU) are only allowed to work a limited number of hours in jobs related to their studies (e.g. internships, etc.). It is not possible to earn your living that way.
Furthermore, as far as I know, you need to show sufficient financial resources (€8300/year per person, which is poverty level) to get a student visa.

Hi dimesh88 the Word "Thank You" would be enough lol. Anyway you should learn the language first if you wanna work in Germany "Dude"  :-)