A1 test

I have started my language course at Goethe centre in Windhoek Namibia last year in June until end of November. I would like to know how difficult the test is because I want to take the test now or should I do more three months?

Please help

Why don't you try some sample tests that can tell you if you'd pass or not - or ask your teacher whether you are ready?

Its very easy! I took mine even if I havent finished my modul 1 yet coz my visa will expire already and i nailed it. Search the samples from goethe site and it will be same like the actual exam. Really helps me a lot! Goodluck with your exam!

Thanks a lot Angeliefunke I will definitely do so!

It is actually not difficult but you got to really pay attention to the questions (both written and oral) some of them could be very tricky. And you can also go to Goethe website and try the test sample there, it is not much different :)


Here is such a sample test: Goethe Sample Test (English description) - goethe.de/lrn/prj/pba/bes/sd1/mat/enindex.htm Make sure to check out the oral exam video (called "mündliche Prüfung"). Viel Erfolg.

I had a Pons A1-A2 book, I did approximately half of it before I did my test, It was rather easy. If your doing it through the Volkshochschule you will be paired with someone from the same level (normally), however I did mine privately and was paired with a Russian lady who could fluently speak German. The speaking stage was difficult because she would develop the conversation more than I could understand, however the teacher who is present is only looking for A1 level speaking.