Alternative ways to move to germany

Hello everyone. I'm a 29yo IT professional who is currently working in Japan. I would like to know if Germany has any program that I can apply for so I could move there? any advise/help would be highly appreciated.

thank you everyone!

Leo Edano

There are, of course, various possibilities that may or may not apply to your plans (about which you didn't tell anything).
For example, you could study in Germany, or marry an EU citizen, or work here.

Hi Beppi. umm i guess the easiest path for me would be to work there. but i dunno how i can score an Employer/Company who will sponsor an employment or work visa. =/

can you suggest me anything about it?

I suggest applying for suitable jobs at appropriate employers in your field of expertise. Good luck!

A good option would be to try the EU Blue Card, a good option for IT professionals interested in moving to Germany, you can read about what it is and how to apply for it here: