Work permit and Study Permit questions

Hi all,

I have some queries and I will be happy to get answers to my questions. I already have a working contract to work in Germany and I am applying for a work Visa in my home country, then I am not sure about the rest of the steps. I have tried to explore but still not very clear on that.
1) Residence Permit. I guess I will need a residence permit after I get my Work Visa. When will that be? Will I be required to apply from my home country or when I reach there in Germany?
2) Work Permit: I will need a work permit when I reach Germany. How long does it take if I already have a working contract?
3) If my family joins me on a Family Reunion visa, will my spouse be allowed to take Admission in a German University? Or does he need a study permit as well?
4) Will I be able to enroll my kids to kindergarten or some school without any issues?

I will be very glad if someone can assist me on that. Thanks in advance.


1. + 2. After arrival in Germany (and moving into your place of residence), you need to register at the Einwohnermeldeamt/Bürgerbüro within 7 days. With that registration, visit the Ausländerbehörde for your residence permit. Then, with the residence permit, go to the Arbeitsamt to get your work permit. Your employer should be able to help you with this.
3. Ask at the university of your (her) choice for the entry requirements.
4. In many parts of Germany, there are long waiting lists for kindergarten places, so apply as early as possible! Schooling is compulsory from 6 years age onwards - you register your kids at the nearest public school or contact the local Jugendamt.

Thanks a lot.
I have one more question.
If I am applying for a Visa in my home country, is the German National Visa granted for 1 year initially? The application form has this clause and needs me to fill in the expected dates of entry and exit. So I should set it to be one year duration? And this can be extended from Germany?
Thanks in advance.

Just fill in your expected dates of entry and exit.
If you intend to stay longer than a year, or the date of exit is not yet known, ask the embassy whet to fill in.
The work permit can be extended if your employment continues.

Thank you very much:)