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Let me introduce myself.  I am living in Seoul, South Korea now. My husband will go to Brussels to study in a master degree of Brussels free university from  Sep semester this year. I and my daughter will go with him and stay in Brussels for about 2 years. 

We are thinking about living in Watermael-Boitsfort area of Brussels.  Looking for my daughter's schools there, I found a  school of Ecole communale Les Cèdres - La Roseraie. If any of you know this school, could you please share your views and experiences on this school ?

My daughter is 9 years old.  Her mother tongue is Korean and she does just basics of English.  I am wondering if this school would be good for a foreign kid like my daughter.

It s an OK school but you might want to try for a place at the other watermael schools.

Hi, Schoolmum,

Thanks very much or your kind comment. I really appreciate it. May I ask you other schools you may recommend in Watermael ?

My girl will be new to the country and to the language, French, too. It will take a while for her to adapt and settle. Doing so, she would be in much stress.   But  I am looking for a school which is friendly to a foreign child like her,  so that  she does not feel it so stressful.


As I said the other watermael schools

All the schools in the area have significant proportions of foreigners your daughter will be like them. Try all the watermael schools especially the 3 Catholic ones

Thanks very much again for your kind reply.  I will try the 3 Catholic ones, too.

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