Shipping Companies referrals please!!

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Can anyone help me with some referrals of good shipping companies from South Africa to Mauritius , Air and Sea.

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for Relocation and Moving I have good experience with this company:
Relocation and M** Solutions Ltd, Port Louis,
MD Mr. J***, +*** email: r***

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@ Andreas, could you please recommend your contact in the Moving services in Mauritius section of the business directory ? It could benefit other members as well.

@ Marc, feel free to browse the business directory. You will find some recommended professionals under the Moving services in Mauritius category.

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Hi Marc - did you find a good company to move you from SA? Am planning to move next month and need goods shipped

Hello kethani

please contact ***

good services

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@Kethani, this is an old post and the member Marc hasn't participated since years now.

You may order free quotes from our moving partners here :

Or participate on more recent threads so that active members may help you.

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hello , I used a very good and efficient shipping company . Had no issues in SA and the clearing agent here made it so easy

Hey Anhsirk,

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Thank you for the feedback.

Could you please recommend the company you used here > Mauritius business directory

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hello Cheryl

I attempted to send the details on the link , to no avail.

I received the contact details from K*** D** …. Mr S***n , from whom we obtained a home at fantastic price.

The company they used in South Africa was R*** … Mr R** .

they enlisted the services of EDA international limited in mauritius … MR H***.

The whole process was so smooth and quick at the same time . It took five days from SA and cleared in 2 days in Mauritius.

Also they provided a team to unload the container into the home .

please message me and I will send their details .if you require .

I hope this helps .

Hello Anhsirk,

Could you please try again :

If it still doesn't work, you can send the names to the member through the private messaging system by clicking on his photo > send a. message.

The issue with names etc is that is a public forum and we don't know whether these professionals would agree their names being published here.

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Hello Sir

please ctc [email protected][link moderated] for quotation

Hello infostarfreight,

Kindly share such information via private message, please.

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