Dependent visa Application

Does the Commune in which the spouse lives matter for dependent visa Application?
This is considering the visa application might go to Belgium for approval.

PS:I live in india and my spouse is in Brussels.


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I am not too sure what your question is Aman?

Can you explain a bit more please.

Your dependant's visa application (if sent to Belgium for decision making) goes to DOFI (department responsible for foreigners) irrespective of the commune you live in.

I mean to say that if the dependent visa application is referred to authorities in Belgium, will the processing time depend on which commune my wife lives in?



Got that.

It will not depend (as I mentioned in previous response - it goes to another department - not your commune)

Thank you for the reply Aneesh.
So, won't the DOFI refer anything to the local commune for any verification or something ?
Or is it like the commune won't cone into picture anywhere in Application processing.


The clarification was for SimCity as the question didn't seem clear :)

Hi aneeshks

I recently moved to Belgium through workpermit and long term visa. I heard that if we raise visa for dependent within 6 months of arrival it will be processed in India itself and quickly , is that true ? Please advise

I have heard that too, but did not find any documentation stating this.

Nowadays 99% of the applications (if you apply after you are here), are sent to Belgium for decision making. The best strategy (as I repeatedly suggest in forums) is to apply together for the initial entry.

Hi aneeshks

Thanks for your reply.
One more question, can  my wife travel with tourist visa to Belgium and came back to India once dependent visa process is done , so that she can come to Belgium with dependent visa. Can we actually hold two different visa ?

Hi everyone .

Can someone please suggest a way forward for my issue.

My wife is in India and am in Belgium,to process dependent visa I get to know that BC is mandatory.

The issue here is her DOB in BC is Xx-YY-1984  and in passport and all other documents it is XX-YY-1983.  As birth certificate is mandatory and they compare it against passport ,I feel it will lead to confusion and rejection.

We couldn't correct the dob in passport ,as there is a government rule to not to change dob for the passport that has been issued 5 years back.

Can someone help here on this please.

IMHO this will be an issue. You have to get her birth certificate corrected. It is a real complex procedure in India.



No, It is not possible. I consulted the DOFI for the same and they denied because two parallel application of visa is not possible.


Is it possible for my husband to travel on a tourist visa to EU (because he already has it) when  his family reunion visa is getting processed? When do they give the passport back? Do they send the passport to Belgium too? My husband didn't need a BC as they agreed on an affidavit. He app;lied through VFS Delhi.

You can ask his passport back via vfs if he needs to travel while the application is being processed. If you contact vfs, they will guide you.

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