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Hello, if someone purchases accommodation in Morocco, does he or she need to remain there until they pay back to bank finance, ?....is it not possible to move to another apartment in a different area and transfer the mortgage like we do in u.k ? I have been Informed if accommodation is purchased, then we must remain there and difficult to move on if we so wish ...is this so ?..

I really dont have any idea about that, but i guess it might be possobilty for that . But best thing u do to ask the bank or a lawyer he will give u more information i guess

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I think this bank flexibilty doesn't exist in Morocco. What i suggest may be you can rent this accommodation and with its income you can rent or buy another one. sûre It's not easy, it's risky but it can be a solution i think.


thank you, my partner did say we may have to do this ..I just don't want to be tied to accommodation for years if he gets a move to another job in different area which is initially our plan..I know we can't afford both apartments if we don't get enough people to use the first apartment. Choukran Bazaf Khalid


Does anyone know the process of moving to Marrakech I am from England UK and looking to buy a house in Marrakech would it would like the UK where you pay a deposit and then get a mortgage? And would this be done through a Moroccan bank or a English bank when applying for the mortgage I've not got the finest clue if I'm honest and if someone has experienced this and could help me it would be greatly appreciated as I seem to be confusing myself reading through the internet

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Hope someone can help give you info on this ... :)

Bless you thank you :)


I think you have to apply for the mortgage here in a Morrocan bank. And exactly in Marrakech The place where your appartement is. Then you should be asked to bring a deposit and a guarantee that let you be able to pay the rest each month.

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