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Hi, I'm currently in Singapore working and my fiance is Swedish and we want to start our lives together in Sweden the soonest as possible. We are planning for me to apply short term visa under visit and family and friends, to visit him during springtime in Sweden and get married there while on vacation. We are aware that I have to go back to Singapore and do my application for the residency permit from there. The Embassy of Denmark (In-charge of of visa processing for all Scandinavian countries in Singapore) is very particular on the consequences for such violations. Unfortunately, based on the specified processing time when we did trial application online, it will take 14-17 months for the processing time for the residency permit. We really want to be together the soonest, we waited 6 years so we hope not to wait furthermore. We are hoping that we could do both tourist visa and residence permit application at the same time. Is it allowed? If not, I will look for a job in Sweden. Is it a faster option? Or can I apply for work permit while I have my ongoing residence permit application?  Is there other means for me to move to Sweden faster? We would really appreciate if you could give us inputs and information to expedite the process. Thank you!

As far as i know (not 100%)
its better to appy tourist visa first and then when your here, try applying for residence permit (but see to it that you have all the documents you need to apply for residence permit).
I dont think working visa makes it faster especially the situations as of now in migrations dept. flow of refugees made it alot longer to get an appointment but soon to be stable again.
That 14-17 month isnt accurate coz it depends on your handler how fast the processing may be, and what country you came from (troubled countries). I mean it can be alot shorter but NOT less than 6 months thou.

I hope i answered some of your questions... goodluck!

Hello bokifaith!
I've read before that you can apply for a tourist visa while your residence permit application is on process but still you have to go back home when your tourist visa expires. There's no need to keep on extending your tourist visa coz it might affect your residence permit application process.
There is no so called "fastest option" to get a residence permit here. It doesn't matter whether you are married or not. Based on my experience when I applied, we were just on our 6th month of relationship (not engaged, and not yet planning to get married asap) and yet, we get the desicion after 4 weeks. That was 2011.
I am not discouraging you but a working permit is not an option. It's not easy to get a job here in sweden. You need to know the language first, that is the number 1requirement. If you really want to be together with your boyfriend asap then apply for a residence permit right away and be patient. My sister is also waitinf for 13 months now. Lycka till!

To answer your question if it would be possible to lesser the waiting time, partly yes and partly no.

Firts in foremost. You need to be in your  country of origin before you could apply a visa. That's very clear in the website of Migrationsverket.

Second. Even how long you have been together, if there is no physical contact at all. It is impossible to be approve. It is not enough evidence that you are serious with each other.

Third. There is no problem if you decided to visit your partner in Sweden for a short time and get married there. But if you plan to get married in Sweden you need other requirements.

Fourth. Applying different visa at the same time is not a good idea or even a good option. It is better to choose which one do you prefer. The residence permit to live with someone usually takes quiet a bit longer than Residence permit to visit.

Fifth. Applying a work in Sweden will also takes time and they have a language requirement.

To sum it all up, it is better to apply Residence permit to live with someone in Sweden since you get both visa (work and residence for 2 years). If you were able to wait for 6 years, a year wouldn't hurt that much knowing it will be all worth it in the end

if you have further questions feel free to email me in ma.tan.91[at] I'll be glad to help you out.

I am also applying permanent visa last Oct.2016 and until now im still waiting the email from consulate in manila for an interview,  i been to sweden for tourist visa last year and after my visa expired i here in phils. And trying to apply for permanent visa as my swedish boyfriend told...still waiting here!  i really hope and pray that one day theres a positive result ....God bless us all💖

JANET453 :

I am also applying permanent visa last Oct.2016 and until now im still waiting the email from consulate in manila for an interview,  i been to sweden for tourist visa last year and after my visa expired i here in phils. And trying to apply for permanent visa as my swedish boyfriend told...still waiting here!  i really hope and pray that one day theres a positive result ....God bless us all💖


What kind of methods did you use for your application?
Did you mean 'Residence permit to live with someone in Sweden'?
Usually this permit takes a bit longer to be approve than the Residence permit to visit. But sometimes it can also be quicker depends in your case.

Based on my experienced. Last year (2016)I came to Sweden in a Residence permit to visit ( 6 months) and in the same year when i went back to phil , I applied for residence permit to live with someone and approved at the end of the year in 2016.
Sometimes they process the application depends who pops up on their computer.

But I would not say i got lucky because I know i prayed for it and have faith that God will hear and answer me, the thing is when you pray whole heardtedly, God will bless you. Faith and prayers comes hand in hand. There is no impossible with God. So hold on tight. Pray and have faith. God knows what is in your heart as well as your intention.

lycka till.

To vatten2018 and Janet458,
Hi to both of you. I'm happy to read for your fast application vatten2018 as being granted by MV last year. And with regards to my case, I had it a little similar to yours and also to Janet also upon reading this thread. I would like to share my experience with the process hoping to learn from others experiences too and to have high hopes while waiting.
I had been to Sweden also last year for 3 months from July-October after meeting my bf online last January 2016. We met here in Phil twice (May and July) before I was granted with my schengen visa. After that, I went back home and right away (October 2016) I applied online under the category, "residence permit to live with someone in sweden whom you're planning to marry or cohabit." Now has been exactly my 4th month of waiting but haven't receive any emails yet from MV for interview. But I'm hoping and praying that soon I'll be on my next step forward with God's grace. Lycka till allihopa!

Hello janechael,
First of all i would like to say thank you for your response, yes! I been to sweden for 6 months last year, and my visa expired last sept. And i think we have the same category applied for the next visa, its also my 4th month now waiting for emails for my interview, but im still hoping that this year have a positive result for the way, since we have the same visa application,  can we talk further  since were living in the same country...if you like just email me zeek21448[at]



You can apply visit visa even your have pending residence permit. New rules of MV..But I don't have any idea about the work permit because language is so important here, but if your a nurse their is a company here hiring Filipino nurses..It was in news last year..


Hallå igen Janet453,
Sorry if i got ur name# wrongly all the time. I have sent you a mail in ur email address. We can exchange mails there for updates in our app since we had applied on the same month and year. Looking forward to hear more from u.

Hi Rhoseaxel,

I was in Sweden for 3months last July to October as tourist to visit my boyfriend, I went back to Philippines and last month have applied resident permit to live with someone (my boyfriend) , it's almost 3months now that I've been waiting for the response for interview. Is it possible to apply again for a tourist visa while waiting for the interview schedule? What would you recommend?

On the other hand, I'm happy to hear about a company hiring for Filipino nurses. I am a registered nurse in the Philippines however I don't have an experience from hospital since the salary in phils is way too unreasonable. Is it possible for me to apply in the company you talked about ?

Your response is greatly appreciated! Thank you and God bless!

Hello! The name of the company is Attendo but unfortunately they are not hiring anymore filipino nurses from the Philippines. When I read about it I sent a message to the person responsible for recruiting coz my sister was interested but  then she said that they are not hiring anymore. It's the first and the last batch for 2016. But, if you have a residence permit in Sweden then you are welcome to apply.
I am also a nurse in the Philippines and I came to Sweden 5 years ago. Now I am working in the hospital here.

Hello Heart20 ,

thank you so much for the response. I'm atleast being englighten. Where are you located in Sweden? Can you tell me what are the requirements of documents should I bring to apply for a nurse in Sweden? What are their qualifications? I understand language is a must. Did you have an experience from the Phils? The problem is I don't have.

Anyhow, I'm praying that I will get a resident permit. I'm still waiting in patience.

Hi again! I live in Lund, it's in the southern part of Sweden. And yes, I do have 4 years of experience in the Philippines and in Saudi Arabia. When you get your residence permit, you have to send all your nursing credentials to Socialstyrelsen for evaluation. You can check it in their website. And then they will send you the desicion on what you need to complete. And yes, the language is the number 1 requirement.

Hi all,

Thank you all for sharing some information and ideas. I appreciate it all. I already submitted the residence permit application a month ago. My fiance already filled in and submitted his questionaire as well. Now we are only waiting for further advise from migration board if needed additional documents or schedule for interview. My fiance also called the migration board several times for some queries and clarifications. It is better that way, to get a direct and clearer answers. I recently had my schengen visa approved so I will visit Sweden for a month and go back to my origin country afterwards which is Singapore, until the decision is made about my application.

Hi Bokifaith,

Am a singaporean too and my Make is Swedish..just a quick question why do u have to apply for schengen visa when singaporean has 3 months visa? I applied my Swedish resident permit like 8 months ago, went for the interview and still waiting for decision from immigration.

All the best to us :)

Hi heart20,

I'm happy to hear from you again. If my visa will be granted, ill also be living in Lund.  And thanks for the information, that helps a lot. Another question, is it really needed to have experience to get hired as a nurse in Sweden? Otherwise I have to stay here and work first.

Kind regards,

Hi again! It's always an advantage if you have an experience because during the interview they would always ask about your background and experiences. But they dont really require it.

Are u from Philippines?

Yes hi


I am on work permit in Sweden. I am planning to apply visa for my mom (67 years old) to stay with me in Sweden. I was thinking of applying "Visiting friends & relatives - longer than 90 days" . The processing for this would take long time?

In this post i read about 'Residence permit to live with someone in Sweden' & 'Residence permit to visit'. What is the difference between the two? Which should I prefer?

After applying for the residence permit, can I also apply for less than 90 days visa so she can travel to earlier to Sweden? I guess she may have to come back to India once her resident permit is granted & then re enter Sweden?

Also, once her residence permit expires how soon can she apply for fresh residence permit?

Please guide me on this, as I would like my mom to stay with me in Sweden for the maximum duration possible.


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Imyzing :

I was in Sweden for 3months last July to October as tourist to visit my boyfriend, I went back to Philippines and last month have applied resident permit to live with someone (my boyfriend) , it's almost 3months now that I've been waiting for the response for interview. Is it possible to apply again for a tourist visa while waiting for the interview schedule? What would you recommend?

Hi, Imyzing!

I just want to share my experience when I applied for my residence permit. I was in a tourist visa when I applied online so I was in Sweden during that time. September 25, 2015 when I sent my application and I went back to the Philippines November 2015. March 2016, that was 6 months later, I received a mail from Migrationsverket that I should contact a "Swedish Mission" (Consulate General of Sweden, Manila) in the Philippines to book an appointment for the interview and I was given an appointment in June 2016. Mind you, I had to wait for 3 more months after I contacted the Consulate in Manila. After the long interview and completed all the requirements needed to submit, I was told to wait for a mail from the Consulate if my case was granted or not and they say it would take 1-2 months. But no dear, I waited 6 more months to finally got a mail from Migrationsverket and not from the Consulate saying I was granted a residence permit.

To make my long story short, I waited 15 months! More than a year before I was granted then after that, I had to travel to the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok, Thailand for the bio-metrics then after few weeks the Consulate sent me my residence permit card to my home address in the Philippines. 6 months ago, I arrived here in Sweden.

First, in your case, if you were still in Sweden with a tourist visa and wanted to stay more than 3 months, its possible to extend your visa but make sure you do it a month before the expiry date so you'll have a bigger chance to be granted for extension then, I think you can send a representative for the interview in Manila when its time. I'm not 100% sure about sending a representative on your behalf but I read in some blogs, it could be possible but I highly suggest, It would be the best if you'll be the one to come during the time of your interview. It would cost you more money though if you traveled back and forth just for the interview.

My last advice will be, don't extend your visa and just come back to the Philippines before your visa expires and just wait for the mail for your interview. It will be easier for you when its time to visit the Consulate. Plus, you need to go to Thailand when you were granted.

Just to add, my Swedish husband were always calling Migrationsverket for any follow ups on my case before but we still waited for a year until it was all finally done.

Be patience. That's all I can really say if you really want to have a residence permit. :) I hope you can come back in Sweden soon. Lycka till!

Best regards,


I would like to ask a question regarding about a residence permit. Me and my friend applied for residence permit for moving to someone in Sweden which is to our husband. She applied last february 2017 and after 2 months exactly she receive a message from the Migrationsverket that the decision for her application has been made without interview and unfortunately it was denied. Is there any of you had known a person who was the same of my friend? Or is there any of you has been granted a residence permit without interview? She send all the requirements for the application.. as for me im still waiting for the interview. By the way we are both in Philippines. Thanks!

Ask the reason why your application denied?

I know someone that got her application denied even without an interview. The reason was the guy from Sweden didin’t have enough money/resources to support her.  For sure Migrationsverket sent a letter to your friend or to the husband of your friend the reason why her application was denied.

Hi Bokifaith,


I hope you are doing good. I just want to ask if you have any idea about the requirements under "moving with someone" visa. It says there i need to attach my Cenomar Certification, should it be in Red-Ribbon or an Original copy is fine? I am also planning to apply this February that's why i am gathering all necessary requirements. i hope you could help me. Thank you very much and Wish you all the best! 😊


Hi everyone , hope someone can help me to answer my questions. My fiancé and I plan to get marry in Sweden . Do you any experience to apply for resident permit after you get in married in sweden and apply from there ? Or I have to come to my home country to apply from my home country ?

And that’s true while your resident permit in process you can visit to Sweden but your process on hold until you back to your home country ? Thank you

Hi xila!
Mine is just an original copy from PSA
Still waiting here an update from Migrationsverket for interview schedule🙃

Hi Beauty,

Thank you for your reply. Me too, I will just going to submit original copy, hopefully they won't still ask for the one with Red-Ribbon 😅.

One more thing, does your CENOMAR within the 6 mos validity? 😊

I wish you all the best!


Hello xil!
I dont see a validity indicate in My i dont know..

Hi Beauty,

Thank you, because according to some it should be within 6 mos. Anyway, all the best for you! 😊

Hello xil
Okay..if Thats the case,better to request a New copy of cenomar from PSA to be sure.
Youre Welcome😊
Good luck!!!

Hi xiillaaj!

Im khristinenfrom the philippines.i am also planning to apply for residence permitnto live with someone in Sweden.just want to ask u about the requirements if u can help me.i just read the website but i just want to be exact eith the requirement.
And also i have an 11years old son who is also coming with me.hope u can help me out.thanks


Hi Kristine,

In my case, i secured the Cenomar, Passport and Visa card since i am already here in Denmark. So far, i only focused on Cohabiting Partner visa. I dont know what exactly if there's a child with you. I am still waiting for the reply from the migration so i dont know what else will they need in addition. You can try to email them to be sure. Good luck by the way.


Hi xlliiaaj

Thanks for the information good luck and god bless you.

Hi beauty do you have idea how long the venomar valid i got it last june 2017 I have my interview by March do I need to get a recent cenomar?thanks CLOE

Hi the validity of the cenomar once you get it as far as i know base on my experience it’s good for 6months Thanks

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