finding a job

guys am coimg there can some one help me in finding a job ,,any idea????????????

Hi moiz,

Your topic has been introduced as a new thread on the Prague forum as you were off topic on the other discussion.

I suggest you to post an advert with more details under Prague classifieds > job section.

Good luck

If you interested in the position for Data Analyst in the Internal Audit dept. or Internal Auditor at one of the Czech bank let me know your email address and I will send you more detail information about it. Vlastik

Have a look at jobs servers to find jobs...e.g.

Plenty of jobs are waiting for you
Good luck.

I am not sure what specific area of work you are looking for but check out this article about looking for a job in Prague.  Hope it helps!
Good luck with the job search!

Hello to Mr Vlastik,
Aany chance of hiring me to work for the Czech Bank? Im an expat and i only know English.

Thanks so much!

I want migration to Czech Republic please guide me.

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