Hello everyone,

I am considering moving to Prague. I am offered a job paid 40 000 Kr , is it enough to make a living and go out?


Im presuming that is per month? If so then its a good salary considering the average in CR is 20,000kc per month.

If you want to check the cost of living look at so you can work out for yourself the rent of the type of place-area you want to live and your life style ect.

Of course like any capital city its more expensive to live there and outside the city but Prague is low priced than many I know and again its down to your lifestyle.

Good Luck!

Hi Ahmed-06!

As you are on the anglophone forum can you please post in English so that other members can understand?

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Hi Maghzaoui,

You are off topic in this thread. Please post your advert in the Prague classifieds under job section.

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